August 24, 2014 Travel to Glacier National Park

We woke this morning to blue skies and sun – YEA!!   Although we did enjoy our downtime/inside days, we were getting antsy to do something!

We made a quick trip to Safeway for vegetables and then gas for the Tracker and portable generator.  Back at the Lodge, we packed up and away we went - east to Glacier National Park.

Views along the way:

08-24-14 A Whitefish to Glacier (1)

08-24-14 A Whitefish to Glacier (3)

08-24-14 A Whitefish to Glacier (10)

The mountains and the forest, oh my!:

08-24-14 A Whitefish to Glacier (13)

And we are here – Smile:

08-24-14 A Whitefish to Glacier (20)

08-24-14 A Whitefish to Glacier (24)

We pulled into Apgar Campground, unhooked and went our separate ways.  Andy went to the dump station to dump our tanks and fill our water tank, while I searched for just the right spot.  I initially looked at loops A and B and when Andy was finished, he pulled into one of the sites.  We were not quite sure we liked it so decided to check out loop D and found it almost empty.  So we brought the motorhome down to this site in Loop D:

08-24-14 B Glacier NP Apgar (2)

08-24-14 B Glacier NP Apgar (22)


One of the campground roads – lots of trees (although it does make for no satellite TV, oh well):

08-24-14 B Glacier NP Apgar (3)

We got settled in, had lunch, and did try to get a satellite signal – Nope!  But we do get some great PBS stations if we do want to watch TV.  (Meaning we gave up on trying to get a signal thru the trees.)

Once we were done, we took a walk to Apgar Village where there is a great view of Lake MacDonald:

08-24-14 B Glacier NP Apgar (5)

08-24-14 B Glacier NP Apgar (13)

Might have to check out one of these power boats while we are here.

We walked around the village, checked out a few stores, then headed home.  The path back:

08-24-14 B Glacier NP Apgar (18)

We are settled in and expect to be here until after Labor Day.  The hard part is narrowing down what we want to do – Smile.

We finished the evening with a great campfire and as long as the weather is good, we will be having more.  A herd of four does came walking thru the campground this evening and our little cat,Bella, spotted them.  She looked at them then me with an expression of “What is that?”  How funny. 

Stay tuned and enjoy today!

Stats for today:

Miles Traveled: 29 Miles

Routes Traveled:

Montana: 10th Street; Baker Street; 13th Street; US-93; SR-40; US-2; Going to the Sun Highway



Bob and Linda's RV Travels said...

You mention about getting gas for your portable generator. Do you use the portable in place of the on board generator? Just wondering why.

Diane said...

HI Bob and Linda,
Yes, we use a Honda 2000 mostly. Couple reasons - it is quieter than our on board generator. It uses less gas. And it has less fumes... We do use the on board one for the microwave though.
Hope all is well.