October 16 - 17, 2013 Pender, Nebraska

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Since we only had about 30 miles to go today, we slowly got ready then headed west:

10-16-13 B SR-175 L&C SP - Border

10-16-13 B SR-175 L&C SP - Border (9)

10-16-13 B SR-175 L&C SP - Border (13)

Crossed the Missouri River:

10-16-13 B SR-175 L&C SP - Border (14)

Into Nebraska:

10-16-13 B Travel Border to Pender SR15-16-9 (3)

Awesome topography!  Imagine miles and miles of a golden color, dotted with trees and farms:

10-16-13 B Travel Border to Pender SR15-16-9 (6)

10-16-13 B Travel Border to Pender SR15-16-9 (10)

10-16-13 B Travel Border to Pender SR15-16-9 (18)

A white horse in the middle of the field - for some reason, I think this means something but can’t quite remember:

10-16-13 B Travel Border to Pender SR15-16-9 (23)

We arrived in Pender, NE and are staying at the Blue Ox Campground.  It is free for Blue Ox customers and Escape members.  Tomorrow we have an appointment to have our tow bar serviced.

After setting up, checking in, and having lunch, we headed to Sioux City, NE/IA.  The scenery was rolling golden hills with some harvesting being done - Beautiful! (Sorry, no pictures - I was driving.)

We needed to do a few things.  First stop was an RV Store for a new shower head.  Then to the Verizon Store.  Andy gets a veterans discount and has been for a few years.  Two weeks ago we were notified that we had to verify his status for a continued discount.  Hmmm, seems to me that once you are a veteran, you remain a veteran - Eye rolling smile.   So we had to bring either his VA card or the DD-214 to a company store.

Once that was finished, we made a few more stops and headed back home.

Stats for Today:

Miles Traveled: 35 Miles - Long Day - LOL!

Routes Traveled:

Iowa: Loop Road; SR-175

Nebraska: SR-51; SR-16; SR-9; Industrial Drive

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Today was kind of a laid back day.  At 9 AM, the Blue Ox technician picked up our tow bar and away he went.  We try to do this about every two years or so - either here or in Quartzsite. The bar was back by lunch looking almost new - Smile.

This afternoon, we went with our neighbors on a tour of Blue Ox.  We did this tour in 2007.   We enjoyed it then and now.  One interesting tidbit: the highest selling baseplate is for a Jeep Wrangler.  How about that - Smile!

We also spent some time figuring out our next moves.  There is a cold front moving in - high of 48 on Saturday - Brrr.  So we have decided to head south towards New Mexico and will do touristy stuff next trip through here.

So stay tuned and enjoy today.




Judy and Emma said...

When I was young, we used to sing a little ditty whenever we saw a white horse. Lucky Lucky White Horse, Ding ding ding, Wherever I go I find something! Of course then you had to spit in the palm of one hand, smash the spit with the fist of your other hand, and then go in the direction that the spit splatters to find something. :) Messy, but fun for kids.

Diane said...

Thanks Judy and Emma, Love it!! As I get older there is this plethora of information (mostly useless) in my brain. But it is getting harder and harder to connect one with another. So I figured I would take a picture and post.
Been reading your blog and so glad you will be on the move again - it is getting cold....