October 13-14, 2013 Reset Days in Osceola Iowa

The last two days were what we call “Reset Days”, where we cleaned the motorhome outside and inside, did laundry, and restocked supplies (plus a few other odds and ends).

On Sunday night we had dinner at the casino - Prime Rib Special - YUM!  We signed up for their players card; received $5.00 free play each and walked away with $19.00 of winnings - Smile.

We also loosely planned our travels for the next two weeks.  We will be at Blue Ox in Pender, Nebraska on Wednesday and Thursday, leaving Friday.  Initially we were going to take I-80 across NE and WY into Utah and finally Nevada.  BUT, taking a look at the temperatures - too cold for this gal.  So right now, we will head south thru Nebraska, Kansas, Texas into New Mexico.  There we will pick up US-40 across New Mexico, Arizona to Nevada.  Our main issue now is finding places that are open this late in the season so stay tuned.

Here was our site at Terrible’s Lakeside Casino RV Park:

10-13-13 A Terribles Casino Osceola (3)

Every time I make the bed, the kitties think it is play time.  So today I grabbed my camera and took a few shots:

10-14-13 Osceola Cats (6)

His tail was moving which is why it is blurred:

This is their mirror picture.  Bella is yawning here - LOL:

10-14-13 Osceola Cats (4)

Stay tuned for our next adventure and enjoy today.


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