March 4, 2013 – Quartzsite

We left our little spot on the Colorado and headed south.

What a change in the desert – looks like grass growing:

  03-04-13 A US-95 Parker to Quartzsite 004

That was immediately south of Parker.  As we got close to Quartzsite, the desert is not as green (hmmm…maybe less rain.)

 03-04-13 A US-95 Parker to Quartzsite 006

We stopped at the Hi-Jolly BLM campground and got a great spot next to the wash:

 03-04-13 C Quartzsite - Hi Jolly 019

03-04-13 C Quartzsite - Hi Jolly 004

03-04-13 C Quartzsite - Hi Jolly 006


I am amazed at how empty it is even compared to last week – WOW!   After we set up, we decided to take a drive around town (with a short stop at the visitor’s center)– so much has shut down and also no traffic jams – :-))).  We decided to check out the area south of Desert Gardens near the Q Mountain – since we have never explored here before.

This is Q Mountain:

  03-04-13 B Quartzsite - Q Mtn Area 001

03-04-13 B Quartzsite - Q Mtn Area 002

The Q is made up of large rocks and painted with white lime. 

There is a trail to the top and if we feel energetic, we may try to walk up it later this week – LOL! 

Check out the remnants of these two mines:

 03-04-13 B Quartzsite - Q Mtn Area 004

03-04-13 B Quartzsite - Q Mtn Area 003

And can you believe I found out information on them.

One is the Sheelite Mine and Stetler Mll.  The mine was owned by Jerry and John Stetler and built in 1945.  It was a source of tungsten, which is used in incandescent light bulbs.  The mine closed in 1948 after an accident where a young man was killed in a cave in and his parents sued for the mine and the house.  The Stetlers moved to South America and became successful mining there.

The other mine is the Halsey Williams Mine.  This mill was started by Halsey Williams about 1977 and was run by Fred Church.  In later years, Fred became the caretaker, and spent about 40 years there altogether.  Around 1979, part of the equipment was sold.

The only problem is I don’t know which mine/mill is which…so if I don’t investigate it this season, I will definitely next season – :-))

Some other pictures from that area:

03-04-13 B Quartzsite - Q Mtn Area 009

03-04-13 B Quartzsite - Q Mtn Area 005

It was great to be exploring again.

Back home, I walked around and took some pictures.

Looking down the wash:

 03-04-13 C Quartzsite - Hi Jolly 011

My backyard view:

 03-04-13 C Quartzsite - Hi Jolly 007 

We saw quail, hummingbirds, pigeons and little rabbits.  Check out the quail:

03-04-13 C Quartzsite - Hi Jolly 015a


We also took Dusty out for a walk – he loved it and just loved being outside. 

 03-04-13 C Quartzsite - Hi Jolly 027

Watching the birds:

03-04-13 C Quartzsite - Hi Jolly 032

And of course had to get dusty – HAHA!!

 03-04-13 C Quartzsite - Hi Jolly 035

We do not take Bella out because she is frightened of the outdoors.  Since we found her on the side of the road, we don’t know how long she was living on her own.  If the door is open she will look out but not go out – I think she is saying, been there, done that, don’t want to do it again.   But what is interesting is when we have Dusty out, she constantly watches him and if she doesn’t see him, she cries.  It is cute!

We ended our day with a wonderful campfire!


Stats for today:

Miles Traveled: 40 Miles

Routes Traveled:

California: Parker Dam Scenic Byway, CA-62

Arizona: AZ-72; SR-95


Life is good! Enjoy today!


KarenInTheWoods and Steveio said...

Looks like a great campsite, and how nice to let Dusty get out and do his thing.

Karen and Steve
RVing: The USA Is Our Big Backyard

Diane said...

Thanks Karen. Hope you have a wonderful trip and we cross paths sometime - :-))