February 21 – 26, 2013 Emerald Cove

I would like to say we did a lot these past few days but alas we did not – just took it easy and got caught up with a few things.

One of those things was getting our contract with Colorado River Adventures straightened out.  Some of the items that we were verbally told were not true – you know how sales people can be.  But there was one item written in our contract that has not been honored which REALLY upset me.  So after two meetings, that item will be honored (we hope anyway).  And did we upgrade – NOPE!  Not at this time.  I do like having this membership and so far the places have been nice.  But after two weeks I am ready to move on.

We also enjoyed our time with Bill and Shelly and having some great meals together.

02-24-13 A Emerald Cove 002

On Monday, they continued on their journeys.  Safe travels, my friends and hope to see you on down the road.


And that goes for all my friends and family.

Enjoy today. Smile


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