March 5 – 13, 2012 Casa Grande

On Monday, 5th, we left the Colorado River and traveled 217 miles (Parker Dam Road, US 95, SR 72, I-10, US 85, I-8, Montgomery Road) to the SKP Park in Casa Grande and found out that we are number one on the list for a lot – Yippee!

Coming back to this park feels almost like coming home.  We know the park, the area, and many of the people.  What a nice feeling.

So what have we been doing over the past week?  Well, reconnecting with friends – Pam and Steve, Donna and Bob, Katy and Gary.  Lynne and Fred came here for a few days on their way to Quartzsite so it was good to spend time with them.  They will be heading back to Alberta by the end of this month.   We also had a nice time with Ken and Jan at the Moose on Friday – it was great getting caught up again.  Yesterday, we were with them again at the Escapee Luncheon at Golden Corral and met more SKPs in the area.  And of course all the great people in the park – like I said before – it is like coming home with all our great neighbors.

On Wednesday, we made the trip to the Tucson VA for more testing for Andy – all is good and we are still very impressed with that VA.

On Saturday night, Danny Yeary and his sidekick put on a great show here.  They play at Branson but their theater was destroyed in the recent tornados that were thru that area.  So now they are on the road and it was great that they played here.  GREAT SHOW.

Other than that, we have been puttering around the motorhome, etc. etc. and taking it easy – :-))

On Monday, the 12th, we moved from site 110 to site 62.  Our next blog will tell you more and hopefully have some pictures.

Until then, enjoy today.


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