October 4, 2011 – Balloon Fiesta – Day 4

We made our way over to the Balloon Launching Field early this morning because we were scheduled to work. However, once the pilot came back from the briefing, she informed us that she could not use us BUT one of her friends could.

So we arrived at his launch site and he and his crew were very happy to see us and we had a WONDERFUL time.   We helped launched the balloon; then chased; then helped pack up.

Our Balloon (Pirate’s Treasure):

10-04-11 B Mass A 016

Our Pilot  “Terrible Tom” – he was great:

10-04-11 B Mass A 018

Our crew:

10-04-11 B Mass A 019

10-04-11 B Mass A 022

I am awestruck every day when I see these balloons and have realized that no matter where you are, there is a great view.  This slideshow is from our chase and touchdown:



When we got back to the campground, there were balloons landing all over:




Oh my again – another wonderful sightseeing day.

This afternoon, the storms rolled in; the temperature dropped; and it was just icky!   We tried having our CARE auction but the storm and wind ended it.  We were also supposed to have out potluck but the storms cancelled that.  However, since Sue, Shelly and I already had our food made, we got together at Sue and Bruce’s and had a wonderful evening.

The weather forecast is not the best for the next few days..but, hey, that could change so stay tuned.

Have a wonderful day and hug the ones your love.

One last photo – check out the stormy skies but the sun on the mesa.

10-04-11 B Mass A 021

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