October 22-23, 2011 - Boomers at Cochiti Lake

The highlight of our last two days was the great Happy Hours with fellow Escapees and Boomers.    On Saturday, Vicky and Terry hosted and we were joined by Ron and Elena who just came into Cochiti and who we last saw in February at North Ranch.   Here we are goofing off:

Vicky, Terry, Elena, Ron, and Andy:

 10-22-11 A Cochiti Lake 003

Vicky, Terry, Elena, Ron, and me:

10-22-11 A Cochiti Lake 006

We repeated our Happy Hour today at our place and we all had another wonderful time.   Hope to see everyone again in Quartzsite or North Ranch later in the season.

Other than that, we just hung out around the motorhome.   It has been great taking it easy the last two weeks but now I am getting ready for more exploring and sightseeing.  So tomorrow we are heading on out towards Farmington.   Stay tuned Auto  Wave


Kathy said...

Hi Diane, I loved your pictures of Santa Fe, we've yet to get there!
You have to post a picture of those Navajo earrings! :)

EEEEEKKK you were that close to a tarantula?! I'd be freaked out my freak seeing one that close!!!

I hope you don't encounter any of those nasty dust storms in your travels! Spooky things!
Happy Trails!

Diane said...

Thanks, Kathy There is so much to see and do here in NM - it is back on our list for next spring.

With that spider I was fascinated as well as spooked - never saw a spider that big in my life - oh my...

Where are you spending the winter?

Safe and Happy Trails to you too.