October 2, 2011 – Balloon Fiesta, Day 2

Today we decided to “sleep in” and stay by the RV and we were so rewarded with many of the balloons flying over us:

10-02-11 A Mass A 123

We also ended up helping a few of the balloons as they landed in the field.   As I was standing with Chuck and Jan, this pilot yelled for help and the three of us helped stop and hold the basket until their crew arrived:

10-02-11 A Mass A 030

Another balloon that was helped by those of us on the ground – this one was scary and HUGE – thank God there was another crew on the ground to help out:

10-02-11 A Mass A 078

There was one lady who came in REAL ROUGH.  Andy was there first and the rest of us just helped hold the basket until she was able to get the envelope down.  Both pilot and passenger were okay, just a little shaken.

And of course more pictures of today:




This afternoon we just hung out.  This evening we were scheduled to work the Balloon Glow so we left happy hour early to get to our space on time.  There was some confusion on where to meet – we received one location from the volunteer booth but Chuck was able to get the correct site from the internet.  Once there we met the regular crew who took us to the pilot briefing.   Back at the site, we met the pilot and more crew and then there was a lot of confusion on whether they could use us or not (???).   Anyway with the way the winds were blowing we did not inflate.   However some balloons did and we were able to capture a video (hope this comes out – it is the first time I am trying a video on the blog):

Video of Balloon Glow

We headed back and watched the fireworks from the park – great show – :-))).

Enjoy today .Open-mouthed

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