October 13-14, 2011 - Cochiti Lake

Thursday, October 13

After saying our goodbyes to Pennie, Dave, and Don, we made our way north (with a short stop off at Camping World and WalMart).  This is new territory for us.

 10-13-11 A Travel ABQ - Cochiti Lake 005

10-13-11 A Travel ABQ - Cochiti Lake 007

10-13-11 A Travel ABQ - Cochiti Lake 008

10-13-11 A Travel ABQ - Cochiti Lake 012

10-13-11 A Travel ABQ - Cochiti Lake 013

The Cochiti Lake Dam:

10-13-11 A Travel ABQ - Cochiti Lake 015

We are staying at the Cochiti Lake Campground – an ACOE (Army Corp of Engineers) campground – water and electric for $10.00 with the Senior Access Pass.  Here is our site:

10-13-11 B Cochiti Lake 006

The view thru our doorway:

10-13-11 B Cochiti Lake 002

The view from my side window:

10-13-11 B Cochiti Lake 003 

After setting up, we took a nice long walk to the lake:

 10-13-11 B Cochiti Lake 014

10-13-11 B Cochiti Lake 022

 10-13-11 B Cochiti Lake 030

10-13-11 B Cochiti Lake 034

10-13-11 B Cochiti Lake 039

We enjoyed cooking outside on the grill but sad to say – no campfires allowed – oh well.

The evening ended with a beautiful full moon:

10-13-11 B Cochiti Lake 044



Stats for the 13th:

Miles Traveled:  61 Miles

Routes Traveled:

New Mexico: I-40 Frontage Road (Historic Route 66); I-40 E; Coors Blvd NW (WalMart Stop); Ellison Drive; Alameda Blvd; I-25 N; SR-22; Cochiti Lake Road

Friday, October 14th

I spent a good portion of today trying to get caught up with the blog and my emails.  Almost there – :-)).  If I owe you an email and you have not heard from me, please contact me again.

We did have a nice surprise.  Andy took a walk around our loop and met a few of the neighbors.  Then we heard a knock on our door and WOW, it was Carroll and Bryan – who we met in Quartzsite in January 09 – we had a nice time chatting and getting caught up…  

You know, it truly is a small world and the more I travel the more I realize how small it really is.

Later this afternoon, we went shopping for drinking water (this water is very salty) and then took a ride to the end of the road:

 10-14-11 B Cochiti Lake 003

10-14-11 B Cochiti Lake 006

On our way back – we are in the middle:

10-14-11 B Cochiti Lake 007

Right now we love where we are staying so not sure how long we are staying or where we are heading next so…..stay tuned and enjoy today!

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