September 7 - 8, 2011 - Travels and Friends

On Wednesday, we awoke to no rain and a little sun peaking thru the clouds – Yea!   So after saying our goodbyes, we continued our journey west (and the rains continued – :-():

Thru Virginia:

09-07-11 A I-64 Virginia 001

09-07-11 A I-64 Virginia 003


09-07-11 B I-64 West Virginia 004

09-07-11 B I-64 West Virginia 005

09-07-11 B I-64 West Virginia 006

09-07-11 B I-64 West Virginia 013

09-07-11 B I-64 West Virginia 021


And lastly:

09-07-11 C I-64 Kentucky 003

The greenery and the mountains, oh my!   Someday we need to spend some time and explore these mountains,

We are staying at Lake Grayson State Park – they are doing a 2 for 1 special from Monday thru Thursday – pay for one night and get another night free.  Good deal for us – it came to $10.00 per night for electric and water.   The first time we have had any type of hookups since we started.  We stayed in site 18 – sorry no pictures.

Once we set up, we connected with our good friends Tom and Karen who are working at the ACOE nearby and had a great evening getting caught up with each other – :-).

On Thursday, Karen and Tom picked us up and we all went to breakfast in Grayson – yum!

Tom and Karen:

 09-08-11 A Grayson 002

After breakfast, they took us for a tour around parts of the dam and Lake Grayson.

The dam outflow:

09-08-11 B Lake Grayson 008

09-08-11 B Lake Grayson 010

I just love this picture – notice the fisherman – how peaceful:

09-08-11 B Lake Grayson 015

And these little guys:

09-08-11 B Lake Grayson 018

Then this afternoon, we had to pack up and move the RV.  Here is the story: When we came in yesterday no one was in the office BUT there was a sign outside stating that if there was no sign on the post, the site was available for two nights.  So Site 18 had no sign.   This morning when Andy went outside, there was a sign on the post stating that the site was reserved for tonight.   WHAT???  We found the attendant and apparently someone forgot to put the signs out and we had to move – ???  However since it was their fault, if we moved, we would get our money back.  So the end result is two free nights of electric and water – so that is what we did… (That will really help the budget – :-)

Here is our new site (41):

09-08-11 C Lake Grayson State Park 002

Tom and Karen came over this evening and we had another great time – how blessed we are.  They are leaving tomorrow to work at Amazon and we will be heading west.  I know our paths will cross again.

To all my friends and family back home – please stay safe.  We made some phone calls back and found out that our county has been declared a state of emergency – but our friends and family and properties are okay so far.  

There is a creek near our house that has flooded – this is only the third time in my life.   My girlfriend sent me this picture of the parking lot of a mini-mall that is down the hill from us.  Oh my.

Palermo's Parking Lot 

Stay safe and enjoy today.

Stats for Wednesday:

Miles Traveled: 240 Miles

Routes Traveled:

Virginia:  SR-605; SR-600; SR-661; I-64 W

West Virginia: I-64 W; I-77 N; I-64 W

Kentucky: I-64 W; SR-7

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Bob and Linda's RV Travels said...

Lot of rain in Lancaster county were we are staying, but we are ok. Super pictures. We will spending the winter in FL.
Bob & Linda T