September 5 - 6, 2011 The National Forest and Friends

On Monday, we left our little spot in the mountains and headed west.   One last look from Skyline Drive:

09-05-11 Shenandoah NP 001

Yes, lots of clouds and rain and more clouds and more rain – :-((.   We arrived at Morris Hill Campground near Lake Moomaw in the George Washington National Forest and were greeted by our good friends, Madeline and Jerry (who we met last year at the Balloon Fiesta).   And we have had a wonderful two days sharing stories and getting caught up with each other.

Our campsite:

 09-06-11 A Morris Hill CG - GWNF 003

09-06-11 A Morris Hill CG - GWNF 004

Madeline and Jerry work at the campground and also at the ACOE visitor center at the dam.  So on Tuesday, they took us for a tour of the dam, lake, and the National Forest – it is so beautiful here.

09-06-11 B GWNF Moomaw Lake Area 004

09-06-11 B GWNF Moomaw Lake Area 010

09-06-11 B GWNF Moomaw Lake Area 019

09-06-11 B GWNF Moomaw Lake Area 012

The boys goofing off – LOL:

09-06-11 B GWNF Moomaw Lake Area 014

We stopped by the Homestead Resort to check it out.  This resort was started in 1766 – think about it – that is 10 years before the US officially became the US – WOW!  Lots of history here.

We decided to have our picture taken on the front porch of the hotel: (Jerry, Madeline, Me, Andy)

09-06-11 C GWNF Homestead Covington 004 

Tonight, Tuesday, Madeline and Jerry treated us to a wonderful dinner.  We were joined by Trish and Dallas, the new incoming campground hosts.   What a wonderful time – thank you – :-).

09-06-11 D GWNF Covington 002

We continue to be blessed by the people in our lives – :-).

Tomorrow our journey continues west so stay tuned.

Stats for Monday, 5th:

Miles Traveled: 152 Miles

Routes Traveled:

Virginia: Skyline Drive; US-33 W; I-81 S; I-64; US-220; SR-687; SR-641; SR-605

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