September 23, 2011 – Travel to Texas, the Big Texan, and Aliens????

We left our little gem of a spot in Elk City, OK and continued west thru Oklahoma:

 09-23-11 A 1-40 OK 003

09-23-11 A 1-40 OK 004

Into Texas and the changing scenery:

 09-23-11 B 1-40 TX 009

09-23-11 B 1-40 TX 014 

09-23-11 B 1-40 TX 015

This is the Texas Welcome Center on I-40 – isn’t it cool looking.   Lots of information inside and many things to see in the immediate area – will need to spend more time here in the future.

09-23-11 B 1-40 TX 017

More views from the road:

09-23-11 B 1-40 TX 019

09-23-11 B 1-40 TX 021 

09-23-11 B 1-40 TX 022

The leaning water tank I dont know:

09-23-11 B 1-40 TX 027 

And huge cross:

09-23-11 B 1-40 TX 029

We arrived at the Amarillo Ranch RV Park, A Passport America Park.  Here is our site:

09-23-11 C Amarillo Ranch RV Park 001 

Pictures from around the park:

09-23-11 C Amarillo Ranch RV Park 002

09-23-11 C Amarillo Ranch RV Park 004

09-23-11 C Amarillo Ranch RV Park 005

For dinner we decided to go to the Big Texan.  This is the place where you can get a free 72 oz. steak and all the trimmings for free IF you eat it all in an hour – oh my!!

Here is a link to their restaurant:


Anyway, they will send a limo to pick you up – check out the horns:

09-23-11 D Amarillo 002 

09-23-11 D Amarillo 003

I did not take a lot of pictures because we were here in 2010.  We had an incredible dinner – the steaks were WONDERFUL!  No, we did not take the 72 oz. challenge – LOL.   When we came out to wait for the return limo, a gentlemen pointed out these two lights in the sky.   ALIENS, THEY ARE COMING FOR US!!!!   Alas, they were some type of balloon.  

It does look eerie doesn’t it?

09-23-11 D Amarillo 006

The weather has been wonderful and we enjoyed it during the afternoon and into the evening.  We will be back to Amarillo area another time – another place with lots to see and do.

Tomorrow we head for New Mexico so stay tuned.

Stats for today:

Miles Traveled:  146 miles

Routes Traveled:

Oklahoma:  Washington Avenue, Lakeview Road; SR-6 N  I-40 W;

Texas:  I-40 W; I-40 Access Road; Sunrise Drive

Note:  In 2009, in Boomerville, we met Kay and Norval Dahl and became good friends.  We have stayed in touch and spent time with them in 2009, 2010, and 2011.  This past week, Norval had a brain aneurism and is in serious condition.  Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers.

And hug the ones you love.  Life is an incredible journey but we all know it can change in an instant.  Enjoy and be thankful for today.

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