September 15-16, 2011 – Travel to Branson and Chores

 We left our little spot on Thursday and headed west across Missouri:

 09-15-11 A Travel US-60 014

More neat rock formations:

09-15-11 A Travel US-60 013

Our Dusty continues to hide while we travel but Bella is fascinated – she is going to be our dash cat -Happy:

09-15-11 A Travel US-60 004

09-15-11 A Travel US-60 008

“I want to drive”

09-15-11 A Travel US-60 010 

Yes, I know that is not safe but I just had to take that picture.

We are at the SKP Park in Branson, Missouri mainly to get caught up with chores (which is what we did on the 16th) and hopefully to do some sightseeing so stay tuned.


Miles Traveled: 180 Miles

Routes Traveled:

Missouri:  SR-Z; SR-103; US-60; US-65; US-65 Business


Kathy said...

Oh my goodness, what cute kitties!
Is Dusty a Maine Coon Cat?! Looks so much larger than Bella, the curious cat! :)
I loved your pics, especially that enormous spring!
Happy and Save Travels!

Diane said...

Thanks, Kathy
We think that Dusty is a Maine Coon mix - we adopted him from shelter in Casa Grande AZ on 12/26/09. He is a huge cat - :-)). This new one is little - I swear she only weighs a pound... They are so funny together.
Hope all is well! Will you be in Pahrump this season?