September 14, 2011 - Bella and Big Spring

Meet Bella:

09-14-11 C Big Spring 004

Yes, we finally did name her – Bella – short for Grizabella (from the play “Cats”).  

Our family:

09-14-11 C Big Spring 008a

09-14-11 C Big Spring 011  

Aren’t they cute?  This morning we had a thunderstorm.  Well, both cats ended up in bed with me.  When Bella started to cry, Dusty started to bath her – as if to reassure her that it was okay.   It is going to be an adventure Cat face.


Today we started our tour by heading into Van Buren to check out that area.

First stop was the Ozark National Scenic Riverways Visitor Center – the CCC was also active here.

 09-14-11 A Van Buren 

The Current River which runs thru Van Buren:

09-14-11 A Van Buren (4) 

 09-14-11 A Van Buren (12)  

Seats in the water – interesting:

09-14-11 A Van Buren (13)

I just love this picture – picture yourself sitting here in the AM with a cup of coffee just watching the river go by:

09-14-11 A Van Buren (5)


Information on Van Buren and Big Spring:

   09-14-11 A Van Buren (21)

Notice what it says about the Spring?  The largest single orifice fresh water spring in the U.S.  It has a maximum flow of 840 million gallons every 24 hours and a daily average of 250 million gallons – WOW!

More info:

09-14-11 A Van Buren (23)


The Carter County Court House:

09-14-11 A Van Buren (16)

Notice the stone – it is actually some stone and some coral.  We could not find out the story on the building – sorry.

09-14-11 A Van Buren (17)

09-14-11 A Van Buren (18)

From town we went to find the Big Spring (turns out, it was right near the campground – LOL).  Here it is:

09-14-11 B Big Spring (5)  

09-14-11 B Big Spring (20)

Here it is bubbling up from the ground:

09-14-11 B Big Spring (34)

This spring is one of the largest of the world.  Dye tracing has determined the source of all this water to be a recharge area extending as much as 40 miles to the west.  The spring remains between 55 and 58 degrees year round and the color is attributed to the minerals dissolved in the water.  The bright green plants are watercress.

The spring flowing downstream:

09-14-11 B Big Spring (15)

09-14-11 B Big Spring (29)

09-14-11 B Big Spring (47)

What a beautiful color:

More info on the spring:

09-14-11 B Big Spring (26)


A small trail around the spring:

   09-14-11 B Big Spring (49)

We then drove around the park.  We found this interesting building:

09-14-11 B Big Spring (64) 

The Lodge:

09-14-11 B Big Spring (67)

View from the lodge – this is the water from the spring that feeds into the Current River in the distance:

09-14-11 B Big Spring (70)

Notice the clarity of the water and the bright green watercress:

09-14-11 B Big Spring (76)

One of the cabins – we were able to do a little tour – very nice:

09-14-11 B Big Spring (79)


Back at our sites we just hung out for the rest of the day: 

09-14-11 C Big Spring CG 002

Another really nice area and deserving of a return trip!


KarenInTheWoods and Steveio said...

Hey, that looks like a great place for camping and seeing the springs in the area. Will add it to our map! Thanks for posting the pics. Yes, I could see wandering down to those old chairs and having a coffee and watching the river float on by. How nice!

Karen and Steve
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Diane said...

Hi Karen,
Yes it was a really neat place. Our goal this trip is to find as many National Parks as possible. This one was a gem - :-)). Hope all is well. I am enjoying your blog also.