September 13, 2011 – Travel to Missouri

We left our little spot today and traveled thru part of Kentucky:

 09-13-11 A Travel on US 60 001

09-13-11 A Travel on US 60 005

09-13-11 A Travel on US 60 007

Over the Ohio River:

09-13-11 A Travel on US 60 009

Into Illinois:

 09-13-11 B Travel on US 60 004

The town of Cairo (above) was located between the Ohio and the Mississippi River and had some grand churches and houses.  It must have been a bustling town at one time but like a lot of our other towns, it is going down hill – so sad.

We crossed the mighty Mississippi:

09-13-11 B Travel on US 60 009 

09-13-11 B Travel on US 60 011

Into Missouri:


09-13-11 C Travel on US 60 011

09-13-11 C Travel on US 60 012

We are staying at the Big Spring Campground which is part of the Ozark National Scenic Riverways.   It was very hot and “buggy” as we set up so the AC was turned on and up – WOW!  

And another Cat Update:

Dusty and the new little kitty are now playing with each other – Yea!!  So she is a keeper – :-).    How did she travel, well, she slept on my lap most of the time.  At least she was not hiding.

We all went to eat at the Stray Dog BBQ in Van Buren and then took a little ride around town.  Tomorrow we will do a little more exploring so stay tuned.

Stats for today:

Miles Traveled: 185 Miles

Routes Traveled:

Kentucky: Canal Campground Road; SR-952; SR-452; US-62; I-24; I-60; US-51

Illinois: Us-51; US-60

Missouri:  US-60; SR-103


Bob and Linda's RV Travels said...

Hi, great pictures. Good luck with the kitty. Its wonderful you adopted him. We also enjoyed LBL and Pattie's. That pork chop is like a saw roast. Safe trave. We really enjoy your blog.
Bob & Linda

Diane said...

Thanks Bob and Linda,
I think the new kitty adopted us - :-)).
You are right on the pork chop - WOW, it was huge.
Safe travels to you too.