January 26-27, 2010 – Hi-Jolly, Quartzsite


This morning we said our goodbyes to Kay and Norval and others and headed out of Boomerville.   After we made a stop to the dump to dump what needed to be dumped and filled with water, we traveled up to Hi-Jolly, a BLM campground north of Quartzsite.  So our travels today took us about 10 miles – :-)))

This is our new site:

 01-26-10 Hi-Jolly Quartzsite 001

Our “Backyard”:

01-26-10 Hi-Jolly Quartzsite 005

And more “Backyard”:

01-26-10 Hi-Jolly Quartzsite 013

01-26-10 Hi-Jolly Quartzsite 011

Isn’t it beautiful.  Lots of birds, especially doves and hummingbirds.

Carolyn and Pete also moved up here with us and we had a great afternoon chatting and then a great campfire.  And the stars continue to amaze us.

Here is our location - #10932:



Today we took the long way around to Parker, via Bouse.  What beautiful scenery and it is interesting to see the desert greening up after all that rain.  Sorry no pictures, I was driving…  Parker has a Wal-Mart and Safeway and we loaded up on supplies.   Tomorrow I start my “browsing” of the Craft Shows so stay tuned.


January 13 – 25, 2010 – Quartzsite

We have been having a great time here in Quartzsite.  So what have we been up to???  Well, here goes:


The Boomers are a sub group of the Escapee Club.  We have belonged to the group for a few years but never attended any of the functions.  So we decided to come to the rally in Quartzsite.

Every day (weather permitting), there are lots of different activities including happy hour, pot luck, ladies discussion, etc.  We have attended happy hour most of the time and a few of the other activities and are having fun.

So for some pictures:

The entrance to Boomerville from the Mine Road:

01-16-09 A Boomerville 010

01-16-09 A Boomerville 011

Our site:

01-16-09 A Boomerville 009

Gathering for Happy Hour:

01-16-09 A Boomerville 022

Gretchen, our host, making announcements:

01-16-09 A Boomerville 023

  Tom flying his ultra light:

01-18-10 A Boomerville (7)

The next three pictures are from Tom.   This is where we are parked, only a view from the air – thanks, Tom!



We are parked left of the word “HERE”.


Gathering for our potluck brunch:

01-17-09 A Boomerville 003

Kay and I:

01-17-09 A Boomerville 005

Kay and Norval and Andy and I are first timers to Boomerville.  We have volunteered to sell tickets for a Peg’s and Joker’s game – all proceeds go to CARE.  It has also been great getting to know them over the past two weeks and I am hoping we will stay in touch and see each other again.

Every year they also have a GERALDINE contest.  The story goes that there were women’s discussion groups every day that drove one of the guys crazy.  So one year he dressed up like a woman so he could sit in.  Now in memory of Jerry (he passed away a few years ago), they have a Geraldine contest.  Here are the contestants (the one in the middle won):

01-18-10 A Boomerville (57)

01-18-10 A Boomerville (44)

It was really funny and next year, I will have to pick up something for Andy to wear – LOL!!!

Escapees and Old Friends:

On the 13th and 14th, there was a main Escapee’s Happy Hour.  We were able to reconnect with Dennis and Carol who we met in Alaska.  Carol talked me into being in one of the skits.  I am in the middle of the photo waving my arms – LOL! (Carol is on the far left, waving her arms):

01-14-09 Escapee Happy Hour at Q 003

Dennis taking pictures:

01-13-10 Escapee Happy Hour at Q (3)

We were able to sit and chat with Pennie and Dave and were able to get together the following week for dinner.  The last time we saw them was in Tok, Alaska.  They are staying with Chapter 36 and we have been thinking of joining that chapter.

Dinner at the Yacht Club with Pennie and Dave:

01-22-10 Dinner at Q Yacht Club 001a

Cheryl also stopped by at the Happy Hour and we stopped by to see them in North La Posa.  And we all got to dinner before Larry and Cheryl headed out.  Here we are: Larry, Cheryl, Sue, Bruce, Me, and Andy.  I figured the last time we were together was in Homer, Alaska.

01-20-10 B Dinner at Silly Als (5)

Did I say I love the Escapee Club!!!!

The Shows:

The Big Tent opened on January 16th – the RV show is first, followed by the Craft Show and then the Car Show.  We hope to stay thru all the shows.

Here is the outside of the Big Tent:

01-16-09 B Big Tent RV Show 001

And of course, Geico was there – LOL!!   I won a flashlight there.

01-16-09 B Big Tent RV Show 003

There are also the Gem and Mineral Shows and other Swap Meets throughout the town.  I just LOVE walking thru all the vendors.  We have done some of the others and will be doing more (at least, I will – :-))).  I haven’t been buying many beads or stuff – trying to stay in a little budget, until I can sell some items.

The Desert Bar:

We made a trip up to the Desert Bar also know as the Nellie E Saloon.

The bar is north of Parker and about 5 miles on a dirt road.  It is only open Saturday and Sunday from 1-5 and run entirely by solar. We were here last January and enjoyed it.   Here are scenes from the dirt road :

 01-17-10 A Desert Bar

01-17-10 A Desert Bar (1)

01-17-10 A Desert Bar (2)

01-17-10 A Desert Bar (3)

In the distance is the parking lot, church, and the owner’s home:

01-17-10 A Desert Bar (4)

01-17-10 A Desert Bar (7)

The bar – isn’t it neat:

01-17-10 A Desert Bar (9)

01-17-10 A Desert Bar (10)

The Church:

01-17-10 A Desert Bar (11)

The view from the ladies room – WOW!  The poor guys had to put up with a wall – LOL!:

01-17-10 A Desert Bar (21)

Andy and Pete:

01-17-10 A Desert Bar (16)

Us with Caroline and Pete:

01-17-10 A Desert Bar (17)

They are from New Jersey and we met them in Casa Grande and they are also staying with us in Boomerville – great folks.  (Caroline, love your stories!)

This is the Saloon:

  01-17-10 A Desert Bar (20) 

More scenes:

01-17-10 A Desert Bar (18)

01-17-10 A Desert Bar (19)

On our way back, we stopped by the Colorado River in Parker:

01-17-10 B Colorado River at Parker (4)

The Desert and the Weather:

I love the desert for a lot of reasons – the sunrises and the sunsets that turn the mountains into such incredible colors.  The stars, oh my!  I continue to see the Milky Way – thousands of stars….

The fact that you can see for miles and miles in the valleys.   And the plants and rocks are just fascinating.  Some day I will learn more about the rocks.

Soooo… pictures from one of my walks in the desert:

01-20-10 A Boomerville (2)

01-20-10 A Boomerville (38) 

01-20-10 A Boomerville (6)

01-20-10 A Boomerville (8)

01-20-10 A Boomerville (13)

01-20-10 A Boomerville (19)

01-20-10 A Boomerville (24)

01-20-10 A Boomerville (32)

01-20-10 A Boomerville (35)

01-20-10 A Boomerville (36)

The saguaros just fascinate me.  They do not start to grow arms until they are over 60 years old.  Think about how old some of these cacti are – WOW!

And a sunset:

01-14-09 Quartzsite - Boomerville 003

The weather here has been interesting.  We have had some BEAUTIFUL days and then the nasty fronts from the Pacific have been rolling in.  Thursday, 21st, was very, very rainy all day – we are camped just up from a wash and we kept our eye on it.  The shows shut down and parts of Quartzsite were flooded.  Then in the afternoon, tornado warnings and the wind – gusts up to 70 mph – we were rocking and rolling in the MH!  So needless to say, we have been giving our Honda generator a workout and staying warm.

The fronts left us on Friday and the days have been sunny but cool.  So hopefully we will warm up soon.

Our Dusty:

We continue to have fun with our little Dusty – isn’t he beautiful:

01-16-09 A Boomerville 016

01-16-09 A Boomerville 018

01-16-09 A Boomerville 021 

Check out his markings and long multicolored whiskers – LOL!     


So that is what we have been up to.  We are moving tomorrow from this spot to Hi-Jolly, BLM land north of Quartzsite.  The Boomer Rally continues until Thursday but we need to dump and get fresh water so we decided to move.  We will probably stay for another week.  The Craft Show starts later this week and the Antique Car Show is this weekend.

So stay tuned – :-)))