June 30 – July 1, 2009 Seward and Resurrection Bay

Our travels on Tuesday (30th) took us past the Chugach Mountains:

06-30-09 Eagle River to Seward 001

Turnagain Arm and the Mud Flats:

06-30-09 Eagle River to Seward 013

Towards the Kenai Mountains and Glaciers:

06-30-09 Eagle River to Seward 020

Over Moose Pass

06-30-09 Eagle River to Seward 034

06-30-09 Eagle River to Seward 030

And into Seward with a place right on the water (pictures below).  As we were setting up, we got acquainted with some of our neighbors and talked about this upcoming weekend.  On Saturday, there is a race up Marathon Mountain as well as fireworks, parade, and stuff going on all over town.  We were told that there will be an extra 25,000 people here by Friday – oh my!!!!   It should be interesting..

We found the local Legion and stopped by and had a great time.  We also found the Elks but they will not be open until Friday.  And we finished the evening with a great campfire on the beach.

Miles Traveled:

Routes Traveled:  141 Miles

Alaska:  AK-1 (Glenn Highway); AK-9 (Seward Highway)

On Wednesday (July 1), we first stopped at the visitor center to pick up some info, then checked out the laundry (I think I will wait until next week when I am closer to Anchorage), and at the hardware store for gold pans (yes we are going to try again – :-))

After lunch we walked into the touristy part of town but first a picture of our site:

07-01-09 Seward 009

How about this view (our MH is directly below the boat):

07-01-09 Seward 005

And more views along the way:

 07-01-09 Seward 012

07-01-09 Seward 014

07-01-09 Seward 018

The mountain they will climb on Saturday:

07-01-09 Seward 015 

Andy – The Self Appointed Harbor Master:

07-01-09 Seward 026 

The small boat harbor:

07-01-09 Seward 036

A harbor seal (he was after lots of fish – :-))):

07-01-09 Seward 032  More views:

07-01-09 Seward 059 

07-01-09 Seward 137

07-01-09 Seward 056

Our bald eagle:

07-01-09 Seward 065

How about this little otter:

07-01-09 Seward 211

07-01-09 Seward 234a 

Every day so far we watch the sea otters and the harbor seals, playing and eating, and swimming all around the bay.  Last night Andy and the neighbor watched orca’s come into the bay (I missed it – fell asleep).

We booked a boat tour tomorrow to tour Resurrection Bay so stay tuned.  And, of course, a great campfire night.

07-01-09 Seward 241

I will leave you with one last picture:

07-01-09 Seward 245

Until tomorrow.

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