July 24, 2009 – Bearfooting and Friends

This morning we did laundry and dumped (grey/black) and filled (water) our tanks.  We were going to do the historic harbor tour this afternoon but the sun came out, the wind stopped and we decided it was going to be a “Bearfooting” Day! (Thanks, Pennie for that one.)

“ Bearfooting”

“Bearfooting” is a verb.  it means having a good time on the road.  But it’s also a state of mind, when your journey becomes more important than your destination.  You know you’re bearfooting when you find yourself holding a fishing pole and can’t remember the day of the week.  What’s more, you don’t even care.  (Copied from BearFoot, Alaska travel magazine.)

So Andy played Harbor Master:

07-24-09 Homer 001

While I took some pictures and got caught up with emails.

 07-24-09 Homer 002

07-24-09 Homer 007

And we had a campfire party joined by Dianne, John, Larry, Cheryl, Bruce, Sue, Jackie, and Bob – what a great time chatting, watching the tide go out and keeping warm by the fire – :-)

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