March 25, 2009 - The High Desert in Nevada

We continued our travels today on US-95 in Nevada. This route takes us through the high desert and the WOW factor continues:

The different colors/layers of the mountains:

The snow on the mountains:

The little places in the middle of nowhere:

And the road that goes on and on:

And even more incredible sights:

Oh my! Oh my! Oh my!

God’s colors - so intense!

We had lunch here:

In the past few months we have been in various parts of the desert and each one is so different. Not all cactus grow in the same places; some areas only have scrub brush; some areas have tree-type brush; some areas are rocky; some areas are sandy; some area are graveling; and most are dusty. There are flat areas and dunes and large and small mountains and large and small buttes. There are areas where the small mountains look like a big pile of dirt! The sunrises; the sunsets; and the stars! I have fallen in love with this place!

I belong to a Days End/Boondocking Group and we made a few stops to verify some listings plus to check out the places for us to stay in the future.

We are camped at the El Capitan Casino in Hawthorne, Nevada - a great little place. For free, we are able to camp, dump, get water, and we even got a free buffet dinner. Andy and I gambled a bit and came out even - how nice. Hawthorne is a small town located right next to the snow covered mountains - how beautiful!

Miles Traveled: 311 miles
Routes Traveled:
Nevada: US-95

I will leave you with one last picture:

Until tomorrow!

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