March 14 – 16, 2009 – Sightseeing and Doctors

Just getting a chance to get you all caught up on what we have been doing.

On Saturday (14th), there were yard sales throughout the park so Andy and I took the bikes and checked out the stuff. I was able to pick up more beads really cheap - :-)

Then our neighbor, Steve, took Andy and I to lunch in Wickenburg. Andy helped him with a couple things and Steve wanted to thank us. (Lunch was great – Thanks Steve.)

The afternoon was pretty uneventful – I am still working on getting the new computer up and running - :-)) And this evening, Steve set up his telescope and we had some incredible views of the stars and planets – WOW!!!

On Sunday (15th) was sightseeing day. We headed first to Yarnell and up the famous Yarnell Hill. Some pictures along the way and at the viewpoint:

In Yarnell, we stopped at the Shrine of St. Joseph and Way of the Cross. It was so beautiful. The stations of the cross are interwoven among the rocks. Some pictures:

The shrine was built in 1939 and depends on donations and volunteers. It was so inspiring.

From there we headed to Prescott by way of Skull Valley. More pictures:

The spring has arrived in the desert. We are seeing so much green and the wildflowers are starting to bloom. No cactus flowers yet – maybe in April.

In Prescott, we had lunch and did a little shopping and headed home by the mountain road (yes that is snow on the mountain):

That evening we did more star-gazing. Andy and Steve at the telescope:

And of course another beautiful sunset.

On Monday (16th), we had an appointment with a gastroenterologist (sp?) in Sun City and then a visit to the Lab for blood work. Andy is scheduled for an endoscopy on Wednesday so keep us in your prayers that everything is okay.

That's it for the update. Hope all is well with all of you.

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