June 30, 2008 – Kayaking and Beading

This morning we had a wonderful kayak ride on the lake and this time I brought a camera along. We explored more of the lake than previously. Last time we turned around when we thought the water was shallow but this time we pressed on and the passage opened up to another larger area.

So here are some pictures (notice the clouds):

And the lilies are starting to bloom:

It rained off and on during the afternoon along with some thunderstorms (seems like we have them almost daily!!).

This evening I went to a beading class in Woodstock. The teacher was Carol Cypher who has written several books on beading and teaches throughout the US – very interesting person. So 9 of us (all locals except 2 of us) picked our own project and Carol came around and showed us what to do. My project was a beaded lace tube bracelet and it came out pretty nice. (When I am finished, I will put up a picture.) And it was great talking with many of the locals. Great time!

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