July 9, 2008 – The Area and the Vermont Country Store

Today was even hotter and more humid but a cold front is moving in this afternoon so this morning, we decided to check out areas to kayak.

Here is one of the ponds:

The Townsend Dam area:

Below the dam:
The closest pond is about 5 miles away so that is the one we will use first (when it cools down).

Our next stop was the post office – my cousin Dave will be sending us my repaired lens and I wanted to make sure we had all the details for him to send.

And our last stop was The Vermont Country Store. I would always get catalogs from them and they have such great items, plus some hard to find items. We spent a couple hours looking (and bought a few items). They had a penny candy area (although they are not a penny anymore) and we saw candy we have not seen since we were kids. They even had Maypo (remember that?). There was also a Vermont cheese area and we had to try all of the samples (of course!).

We had lunch at the Bryant House which is part of the complex and then went to the Weston Village Shop – lots of unique little items! By then, Andy was done, so we headed back home.

While we were shopping, there was a bad storm that came thru. It is cooling down, but still very humid.

We were able to cook over the campfire (between the storms) and meet some of our neighbors. One gentleman, John, helped us a little more with our TV satellite. He is able to get TV at his site, but we cannot. We will be moving to another site on Friday so we will try again.

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