July 4, 2008 – Happy Independence Day to all!

Happy Independence Day to All and a special thank you to those who have fought and our fighting for our freedoms.

The rain started again last night and continued into the morning. But it started to clear right before noon and stayed dry (though cloudy) for the rest of the day.

We did some bicycling around the park – it is not totally full but the people are still coming in!!

This afternoon, we went to the town of Saugerties to see their celebration. We did miss the parade but stopped at the park and walked through the vendor area. From there we decided to go to the lighthouse.

The Saugerties Lighthouse was first operated in 1869 and automated in 1954. It is now owned by the Saugerties Lighthouse Conservancy who gives tours on the weekends. Right now, the lighthouse serves as a bed and breakfast throughout the summer and a keeper who lives in the house full time.

The lighthouse:
A view from the porch:

On the lighthouse trail – notice the height of those grasses:

Andy on the trail – notice the size of that tree:

And I was blessed again with another great shot – notice the bee:

Back home, it was still dry so we were able to have a great campfire. The campground is almost full and noisy. We have salsa music on our right, classic rock on our left and Indian chanting in front of us – wow!!

Until tomorrow….

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