July 3, 2008 – Kayaking, More Rain, the Crowds, and Ken

A beautiful morning in the Catskills!!

We took another kayak ride on the lake and here are some pictures:

And the lilies:

It was so peaceful just being out there with no one but the birds and the frogs!!

This afternoon we did some odds and ends – cleaned and deflated the kayak (and put it away for now), did final fittings on our bike helmets and seats, etc. etc.

And, oh yes, I did finish my bracelet:

How about that!

It started to rain mid-afternoon but we were able to spend some time with a camp fire this evening. The crowds are coming in for the weekend. (We will miss some of the peace and quiet in the evenings - :-)) We also got a chance to talk to some of the camp ground staff and as one told us “the party is over – we will be incredibly busy over the next few days!” God bless them.

One final note:

For those of you who followed us last year in Alaska and the wonderful time we had in Tok at Sourdough Campground with Ken and Ann and the Pancake Toss: It is with heavy heart that I tell you that Ken passed away on March 24th, 2008 in a snowmobile accident. Ken had such a zest for life and for Alaska and made everyone feel at home and that they were a friend. He will be missed.

Please keep Ann and his family in your prayers and also enjoy every day to its fullest because life is short.

Ken entertaining us (in Alaska 2007):

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