July 29, 2008 – Mill at Quechee

Our trip today was to the Simon Pearce Glassworks. This building was originally a mill and the dam was built to supply power to the mill and to the town of Quechee. It was closed down in 1972 but in 1983 Simon Pearce purchased the property and re-installed the turbine to supply hydropower for the glassworks. Any excess they now sell to the power company.

The covered bridge over the dam:

The dam:

The mill:

Each piece of pottery and glass that Simon Pearce Glassworks sells is hand made. We were able to go to the glass production area and watch the glassblowers – WOW! The pottery area was down so we were not able to see them make the pottery. The building also houses a store/display area and a restaurant. It was a nice little tour.

We leave tomorrow for New Hampshire so we started breaking down and packing up.

And, of course, another great campfire.

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