July 28, 2008 – Kayaking at North Hartland Lake

This morning we traveled to North Hartland Lake/Dam to kayak.

Some scenes from the kayak:

There are a number of nesting pairs of loons on the lake. We were able to get a picture of one pair:

We could hear the loons all during our ride. We also heard another animal make a loud noise but not sure what it was!! The lake is about 3 miles long. We are not sure how far we went since we turned back when the water began to get shallow.

A picture of the dam on our way back:

This afternoon, we walked to Quechee Village – a little shopping center about ½ mile from the campground and I was able to get my picture taken with moose:

They also had a Cabot store there (Vermont cheeses) so we did some sampling (mmmmm!) and made a few purchases.

This evening, Marie and Dean joined us around the campfire for some great chatting.

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