July 26, 2008 – The Gorge

Today’s hike took us to Quechee Gorge. This is Vermont’s Grand Canyon and beautiful it is!

Sites of the nature hike from the campground:

The bottom of the gorge:

A part of the gorge:

The bridge over the gorge:

The dam at the end of the gorge:

The Ottauquechee River above the dam:

Dewey’s Mill Pond (by the river) – notice the white lilies in bloom:

How about this little fellow:

We then decided to explore the area. We went to North Hartland Dam (where we hope to kayak on Monday) then thru the town of Hartland, Woodstock (yes, we are close by another Woodstock) and Quechee.

One of Quechee’s sites:

We hope to explore more of Woodstock and Quechee in the coming days.

And we enjoyed another great campfire. The campground hosts, Marie and Dean, and our neighbors, Vivian and Rin joined us for some great chatting!!

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