July 22, 2008 – Rain and Rainbows

We woke to more rain so decided to head into town to do laundry (my favorite thing – sarcastically said) and grocery shopping. When we were at the post office last week, the postmaster recommended a laundry in Ludlow and that is where we went – a much more pleasant experience (clean, decent, average price).

For supper, we went to the local pub and what a great time. Everyone was so friendly and they loved to play practical jokes (which Andy really enjoyed). This was the first time we have done this on the trip and I really missed it. So we decided that we will continue the habit of visiting some local pubs in the places we stay. (The food was wonderful too!)

Back in the campground; take a look at these pictures. There were these white puffy clouds in front of the very dark background clouds – very impressive!

And the sun came out and blessed us with this magnificent rainbow:

And we were able to have another great campfire!!

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