July 19, 2008 – Green Mountain National Forest Roads

Our initial plans this morning were to take the gondola to the top of Stratton Mountain and hike to the fire tower but it was so hazy that we decided to try tomorrow (and hopefully it will be clearer).

So we decided to check out some of the small towns, countryside and the forest roads. The countryside is everything we would picture about Vermont – small farms and meadows in between green forested hills and mountains; streams and ponds along every roadside; wildflowers in the meadows and high trees on the mountains.

The small towns are very quaint: Large homes leading in all directions from town and very small (~3 blocks) of a main street. There are no malls here!!

We took forest road 18, 17, 29 in the Green Mountain National Forest.

Some sites:

What a wonderful peaceful ride! I just love the forest roads. It feels like I am back when there were stage coach roads and no highways!!

After a quick stop at the grocery store, we headed back home. It is still very hot/humid here and hopefully there will be a cool down come Monday.

Our neighbor left this morning and gave us the rest of his firewood so we had anothere great campfire tonight.

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