July 12, 2008 – Moving Again and the Lens Test

The site we are in is very long and today we moved more towards the middle of the site. Now we are able to open all our bins plus Andy is able to set up his antennas for the ham radio.

I found that my lens is at the post office so off we went to pick that up as well as a few items from the store.

And the lens: still not fixed. It is better than before but still not clear. So I will need to call Nikon again. I am really hoping it is not my camera, which is the next move to send back. I did a couple of experiments this afternoon so at least I have some pictures to send to them. My one lens is great – sharp, clear, pictures. The repaired one is just terrible!!!

We spent the rest of the day just relaxing. I am in the middle of making a bead necklace – and it is looks pretty good. I am so glad I took the class in Woodstock!!!

And of course another great campfire night. (We found a great supplier of wood at a reasonable price - :-))

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