July 1, 2008 – Cruising the Hudson

Today was a beautiful day for a cruise on the Hudson on the Rip Van Winkle.

We toured past some of the old tug boats:

The Rondout Lighthouse (that is now automatic):

The Esopus Meadow Lighthouse (now being restored):

And the mansions:

This is the area where many of the known “royalties” of the time had their summer homes (Vanderbilt’s, Roosevelt’s, etc.). We did get a narrative all along the way but it was hard for me to hear many of the comments.

As we pulled into port, it started to rain and continued the rest of the day – off and on. We were able to get a walk in after supper - :-) (and then it rained some more!)

I will leave you with a picture I took this morning (noticed the bee – how about that?):

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