June 25, 2008 – Kaaterskill Falls

We woke to a beautiful, crisp morning and decided to go to Kaaterskill Falls.

This is the start of the trail (I am not sure of the name of these falls):
This is the trail (Yikes!):

Actually it was not a bad trail, just very rocky. A picture along the way:

The lower falls:

The upper falls:

I could not get a good picture of them together because of the angle of the sun. The falls are the highest in New York State, although not spectacular like Niagara or some of the other falls we have seen, it was still beautiful.

The rest of the day was spent trying to dry out the motorhome and in doing so, we found two leaks: one at the shower drain and the other at the shower skylight. So, yours truly, went around with a caulking gun (yes, folks, it was me not Andy). Last year, we had leaks in both places and thought we fixed them but obviously not!!

I also made reservations for our next leg of the journey. We will be leaving here on July 8 and going to the Ball Mountain Area in Vermont for a week (for now :-))

And this evening was another great campfire night!!

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