June 21, 2008 – Cat’n Round the Catskills and the Bavarian Festival

A beautiful day for a drive and to visit the local communities!

We first went to the village of Catskill. Every year they have a cat statue show/exhibit in the town where artists paint the cats and then they are auctioned at the end of summer to benefit local organizations. There were 62 cats done this year and place on two of the main streets.

Look at this:
Movie Cat:
Sun Cat
Red Cat

Chef Cat:
Farmer Cat:
Top Cat:

Kat and Kittens:
Santa Cat:
Red, White, and Blue Cat:
We were able to talk with a very nice woman from the Chamber of Commerce of Catskill about the cats, the show and the auction. She told us that some of these cats go for $750 to $7000 depending on the artist. Plus it is a great way to get exposure for new artists. How wonderful.

Our next visit was to Round Top for their Bavarian Festival. Great food, Great Music, and Great People! We stayed for quite a while watching the dancers, listening to the music, talking with our table mates, and eating and drinking (just Andy, I was driving).

A picture of the band (notice the outfit of the couple to the left):

And I just loved this guy and his outfit:

Some of the people there go to Germany every year for the big Bavarian Fest and they were all dressed up in ethnic clothes. What fun!

Back at camp, another great campfire evening….

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