June 17, 2008 – Overlook Mountain Trail

We awoke to a beautiful, cool morning and decided to do the Overlook Mountain Trail. The trail starts about 2 miles outside of Woodstock and is on a forest service road.
It was 2.5 miles up (1400’ elevation change in 2.0 miles) but so rewarding when we got to the top.

This is the ruins of the Overlook Mountain House about 1.8 miles up the trail. There were three attempts to create a luxury hotel at this site. The first one was built in 1873 and burned in 1875. Another hotel was built in 1878 and operated sporadically until 1917. In 1940, this hotel was built but due to the health of the owner closed down.

From the front:

Inside the lobby:

This incredible fireplace – it was actually about 7-8’ high. Can you imagine being here for a visit with this fire going?

Another home behind the hotel: (We are not sure about this building – we could not find any information.)

From there we walked to the summit. There were two trails – one to the fire tower and the other to another overlook. We first went to the overlook and this is the end of that trail (it looks like you would walk out into the clouds, doesn't it?):

And the views – just awesome! This would be the views from the hotel when it was operating!

Andy and I enjoying the views:

There were some carvings on the stone some dating back to 1899!

The fire tower was next:

The views from the tower:

We lingered for quite a while at the top until we saw the clouds moving in. We did get some rain on the way down but it was intermittent. So 5.0 miles total. A little strenuous for us but we would do it again on a clear day (and cool too).

On our way back, a doe and fawn crossed the road – how beautiful. Sorry, no pictures…

Back home, we did some maintenance: I cleaned the inside of the motorhome and Andy finished splitting more wood (hey, Bill, it is our wood) and cleaned up around the site.

And more rain in the late afternoon/evening.

I did do some work on the blog and there is a new addition. If you would like to have it emailed to you every time I update, there is an area to sign up on the right side about 1/3 of the way down. If you have any problems, please let me know.

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