June 13, 2008 – Kayaking in the Park

What a beautiful day – blue skies and sunshine – warm but not humid – very nice.

We spent the morning in the kayak on the pond. We were the only ones there. The pond is about ½ mile long and about 500’ across (at its widest).

We could hear the frogs and see the geese and deer as we passed by. And the water lilies are just starting to bloom. Sorry, no pictures (we forgot the small camera). It was so peaceful just gliding along.

We spent the rest of the day, relaxing and going thru all our brochures. There are lots of things to do within a 50 mile radius – hiking, kayaking, biking, museums, railroads, historic sites, flea markets and farmers markets. We won’t be doing all of them but we have lots of choices.

This trip is so different than last year. Last year we moved every few days but this year we have decided to stay put longer and explore the area. Plus it is a lot cheaper to run the Tracker than the motor home - :-). So at this rate we may not get to Nova Scotia (before the winter) but that is okay!

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