September 28, 2007 – Iowa and the Mississippi

Today we traveled across Iowa.

Picture this:
Rows and rows of corn and other grains;
Some fields harvested, some not, and some in progress;
Small and large farm houses and barns;
New and weathered barns and farm buildings;
Horses, cows, and sheep;
Flatlands to rolling hills;
Shades of wheat, brown, and green (and purple and yellow wildflowers still in bloom);
Absolutely beautiful!!

We are camped at Pikes Peak State Park near McGregor, Iowa. And is it a beautiful park situated on the bluffs above the Mississippi. We cannot see the Great River from our camp but after supper we walked to one of the overlooks and the scenery is incredible. The bluff is the highest bluff on the Mississippi – 500 ft. and overlooks the Mississippi River and valley and the Wisconsin River joining the Mississippi. Across the river is Wisconsin!!

Since there was no wind, we were able to have a campfire tonight. (Sure missed those!)

There are no pictures today – sorry. I just wanted to take in and experience the scenery without the camera! I promise more over the next few days.

Miles Traveled: 280
Routes Traveled:
Iowa: US-18; X-56 (Local Road)

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