October 6, 2007 – RV Museum, Studebaker Museum, and Notre Dame

Today was sightseeing day!!

Our first stop was the RV/MH Museum (Library/Hall of Fame). They have a number of rooms on different types of RV’s. The first room was the newest line. The second room was the older models and some of them were incredible!

Some pictures:

The wood in this one was absolutely beautiful:

And I had to take a picture of this van – brought back memories of my dad and mom’s van and all the travels across the country that they did.

There was also a room on the suppliers to the industry, a hall of fame, and a library with many of the RV books and literature.

This was truly worth a visit...

Our next stop was the Studebaker Museum. This is the area where the Studebaker Car was built. Studebaker originally built covered wagons, wheelbarrows, and horse drawn carriages. They were the only company to make the transition to cars.

The museum contained the story of the Studebaker family and many exhibits.

What wonderful vehicles! Some early models:

Wouldn’t you just LOVE to own one of these – OH MY!!

We had such a wonderful time. It brought back a lot of memories for Andy. He and his family were thru here in 1951 and his father traded in a 1948 Studebaker for a 1951 Studebaker that they used to travel the US. What wonderful stories!!

As we left the museum, we heard a lady yelling at her children “Get out, just get out!” We weren’t sure what was happening but then saw smoke coming from her house. Another couple that left the same time as us called 911 and the fire trucks were there shortly. It looked like no one was hurt and the fire was put out quickly but I am sure they had damage. (Fire is always so scary!)

And of course no trip to South Bend is complete without a stop to the Notre Dame campus:

What a wonderful day!

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