October 10, 2007 – Almost Home and Looking for Phil

Well, we started out this morning to head home. As soon as we got on I-80, Andy said that the MH was pulling to the right. As I watched him, he was struggling to keep the steering wheel straight. We took the next exit and as we got to the end of the ramp – NO BRAKES!!! Thank God we were on a flat area. So Andy got it stopped and all the flashers on and the red triangles out while I called Good Sam Emergency Road Service.

About 2 hours later this HUGH tow truck comes and tows us to Murray Ford (Truck Service Station) in Dubois, PA and that is where we are now. They think it was a pump and we should have one tomorrow morning. The thing that scares us the most is that there was no warning, no warning lights, nothing – it just stopped!!! (Or broke).

All we could say is Thank God we were where we were. We had just come down from some large hills and I don’t even want to think of what would have happened.

So since we were all settled in here early afternoon, we decided to take in some of the sights and off we went to Punxsutawney to see Phil.

The town is really cute and they have statues of Phil all over.

Here is McPhil:
Here is Scotty Phil:

And here is Mr. Post Phil:

It was great!!!

Then we drove up the hill to see where the celebration takes place:

And of course, me at the podium...

And for the history of Groundhog Day:

But we did not see Phil…

And the fall colors continue to be beautiful!!
Leaf Pile

So depending on how long it takes to get our repairs done tomorrow, we may be home.
House 3

Miles Traveled: 70
Routes Traveled:
Pennsylvania: PA-321; US-219; I-80


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