March 7-13, 2016 Our Last Week in Yuma

WOW!  Hard to believe that this season is winding down and we will be heading north east soon. 

This week was also another busy one:

On Monday, we measured our lot, decided what our first steps next season will be, and submitted the schematic to the Lot Development Committee.  We will not be doing anything until we come back down but we wanted to know if we have to change anything before we apply for the permits.

So what are the changes… well, a new, larger shed located closer to the front of the lot.  That way we can develop the back part of the lot into a patio or even a temporary Arizona room.  Stay tuned for the changes.


Tuesday was spent in Los Algodones, Mexico for Andy’s dental – next step in the implant process.  We arrived at 10:30 and Irene walked us a few blocks to get X-Rays to ensure the bone graft (that he had done in December) was all healed.  Then back to the office.  Dr. Roberto (Dr. Roberto Arce Lopez of the Smille Shoppe) told us to come back in about an hour or so and he would have the results and then we would go from there.

So off we went to have a great chicken lunch (Thanks Larry for the recommendation) and some shopping in the Plazas.  We arrived back at the office around 12:30 and Dr. Roberto told us all was good and his surgery was scheduled for 1:30.  We walked around a little bit then came back and waited.  At 1:30, Irene walked us to the end of the block, we hopped in the Dr.’s Car and off we went a few blocks to the surgery center.  When we got out of the car, we walked down a narrow alleyway to the office (it turned out that this was a shortcut – the office was beautiful).  As we went down that narrow passage, Andy and I looked at each other and thought oh-oh…  Had we not been with Dr. Roberto for the last 7 years, we would have walked the other way.  The reason we went to the center is that Dr. Roberto is getting another certification and Andy’s surgery had to be observed by another doctor.

When it was all over, we went back to the office, finalized his next steps over the next few months, got his prescriptions and away we went  - across the border and home again.  A long day.

As of today, Sunday, Andy is doing well.  Still a little sore and a little swollen but that is to be expected.  In six to eight months, he will receive his permanent tooth – Smile.


Wednesday I went beading – finally finished one of my bracelets:

03-12-16 A Yuma (5)b

Really like the button closure!

Late afternoon, we went to dinner with JoAnn and Judd and had a great time getting caught up.  JoAnn and I met about four years ago in a laundry in Quartzsite, found out we had a lot in common, and remained friends ever since.  It was great to see them again.


Thursday was hang out day until we went to the Yuma Historic Theatre to hear “Paperback Writer” a great Beatles tribute band.  They played for two hours with a short 10 minute break and had the audience singing along.

Here is their web page:  http://paperbackwritersite.com/

Next season we hope to see more shows here.


Friday was spent getting the lot/shed ready for shutdown and the motorhome ready to go.  That afternoon, we went to see Sandy and Raul and then to the seafood buffet at the Q.  We had been just missing each other this season so we were glad to reconnect and get caught up.  (They are our son-in-law’s parents.)

And by the way, the seafood buffet was EXCELLENT!


Saturday was spent doing laundry, cleaning and the final prep to summer-ize the lot.  I did get a chance to get around the park and take some pictures of the beautiful flowers:

The ocotillo is blooming:

03-12-16 Yuma KOFA (7)

The hummingbirds just love sitting in the ocotillo and it drives the kitties crazy:

03-12-16 Yuma KOFA (73)

Our neighbor’s cactus is blooming:

03-12-16 Yuma KOFA (23)

Beautiful flowing tree in boon-docking:

03-12-16 Yuma KOFA (33)

Oh my, the flowers and the brilliant colors:

03-12-16 Yuma KOFA (39)

03-12-16 Yuma KOFA (48)

03-12-16 Yuma KOFA (50)

Speaking of flowers, we can smell the orange blossoms every day from the citrus fields – it is wonderful!

The weather has cooled down a little and it is beautiful.  Even the kitties are being lazy:

03-12-16 Yuma (5)

03-12-16 Yuma (10)


On Friday we (actually me, Diane) decided that since Andy’s swelling was down, we would go to Congress on Sunday for the Bead Retreat.  So I made reservations on Friday for the campground (still figuring that if his swelling was up we would cancel and go back to the doctor).

Well, Sunday, he was still good – there was only swelling around his gum/cheek area which was to be expected. So we finished shutting down and away we went.

Check out these citrus groves – we found out that after the fruit is picked, the cutter comes in and trims them – almost looks like my bushes at home:

03-13-16 A Yuma to Wickenberg 95-10-60-93 (1)

We traveled up US-95 past the Big Guns (which is near the entrance to the Yuma Proving Grounds):

03-13-16 A Yuma to Wickenberg 95-10-60-93 (5)

The desert has really greened:

03-13-16 A Yuma to Wickenberg 95-10-60-93 (17)

03-13-16 A Yuma to Wickenberg 95-10-60-93 (24)

For my friends that go to Quartzite in January – this is Kuehn Street today – very empty.  For my friends that do not go to Quartzsite, in January this is bumper to bumper traffic along with lots of folks on foot!

03-13-16 A Yuma to Wickenberg 95-10-60-93 (29)

We continued east on I-10 – check out the flowers:

03-13-16 A Yuma to Wickenberg 95-10-60-93 (34)

03-13-16 A Yuma to Wickenberg 95-10-60-93 (48)

Then on US-60 thru Hope:

03-13-16 A Yuma to Wickenberg 95-10-60-93 (67)

How cute:

03-13-16 A Yuma to Wickenberg 95-10-60-93 (72)a

Our journey continued:

03-13-16 A Yuma to Wickenberg 95-10-60-93 (79)

Past a pecan farm:

03-13-16 A Yuma to Wickenberg 95-10-60-93 (86)

Oh my.. a dust devil (tornado):

03-13-16 A Yuma to Wickenberg 95-10-60-93 (87)

Coming into Wickenburg:

03-13-16 A Yuma to Wickenberg 95-10-60-93 (92)

Heading to North Ranch, an Escapee Park, we saw this in the new traffic circle.  In 2008, there was a golfing community starting here but it did not happen.  Now the building of the new community is going strong:

03-13-16 A Yuma to Wickenberg 95-10-60-93 (102)

We arrived, set up (our spot is next to Della and Bob – Smile), and I went to the Activity Center to register. I surprised our friends Geri and John – SO GREAT to see them.  It was SO GREAT to see the ladies that I have not seen in quite a few years also.  Can’t wait to spend more time this week with them.

After dinner, we visited with Geri and John and got caught up with each other in their new home.  WONDERFUL VISIT.

Today’s stats:

Miles Traveled: 186 Miles

Routes Traveled:

Arizona: East County 17th Street; Avenue 4E; East County 14th Street; US-195; Frontage Road; Fortuna Road; US-95; Kuehn Street; Riggles Avenue; I-10; US-60; Vulture Mine Road; US-93; SR-89

We will be here for a week so stay tuned and enjoy today!


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