March 14–20, 2016 Bead Retreat, Friends, and a Little History

The Bead Retreat here at North Ranch was from March 13 thru March 19 and it was WONDERFUL.  Thanks to all who made this happen.

Each year, there is a Bead Week, which consists of classes all day long.  This year it was a little different.  There was a lot of sharing, impromptu classes, one on one teaching, make and take classes.  Many of these ladies I have met over the years and it was great to spend some one on one time and get caught up with each them.  What a blessing!

So what did I learn?  Well..

Peggy D took the time to teach me how to wire wrap a cabochon.  I have tried wire-wrapping in the past and failed miserably.  But this time, I did have some success!  I was able to seat the Cab but still need much practice on what I call Curly Q’s.   Thank you Peggy!

Here is my finished piece:


Judee N. took the time to teach me bead crochet.  That was another one that I had not been able to master.  Well, I still need practice but I finally understand the concept and moves.  So I picked up some beads and that is on my list to do.

I also took a polymer clay “make and take”.  That was a lot of fun – I have wanted to try my hand at that and hopefully get to do more next season.  Thank you Boni and Della.

It was a wonderful week!


Along with the one on one time with the ladies, Andy and I spent time with Geri and John (Dinner and Happy Hours), Carolyn and Pete (who came here for a few weeks), and Dinner with Lois, Bill, Lois, Dave.   Always good to see old friends and meet new ones.

There were a few spousal activities.  On Wednesday, I took off and went with Andy to the Museum (see below) and on Friday, Andy spent the day with John after the men’s breakfast.


On Wednesday, Andy and I joined the spousal trip for lunch at Anita’s in Wickenburg and then to a private tour of the Desert Caballeros Western Museum.  We had been to this museum about 5 years ago and did the audio tour so it was really nice to have this private tour by two docents that live in North Ranch.

Our tour started out on the top floor that housed much of the western artwork.  We were told about the history of the art and the meaning of many of the pictures.

One of the pictures was called “Thanks for the Rain” by Joe Beeler who in 1965, along with many other cowboy artists started the Cowboy Artists of America.  His sculpture of that picture is in front of the museum:

03-16-16 B Desert Caballeros Museum (34)

We were not able to see all of the upper floor because they were preparing for the Cowgirl Up Exhibit this weekend.

Next we headed downstairs where there is a replica of an old western town complete with a blacksmith shop:

03-16-16 B Desert Caballeros Museum (10)

A saloon:

03-16-16 B Desert Caballeros Museum (13)

General Store with many supplies:

03-16-16 B Desert Caballeros Museum (15)

03-16-16 B Desert Caballeros Museum (17)

A chuck wagon:

03-16-16 B Desert Caballeros Museum (25)

There was a diorama of the history of the Wickenburg area from the ancient peoples to the present and our docent was wonderful in explaining all that history. 

More information can be found here:



Here is an interesting Wickenburg Creation:

03-16-16 B Desert Caballeros Museum (29)

03-16-16 B Desert Caballeros Museum (32)

03-16-16 B Desert Caballeros Museum (31)

This statue represents the town jail from 1863 to 1890.  The prisoners were chained to this mesquite tree until they served their sentence.  This mesquite tree is over 200 years old.

03-16-16 A Wickenberg (2)

Around the down town are 6 large bronze sculptures and 16 linking pieces.  By each of the large sculptures there is an audio narrative about that piece.  This is a “Vaquero” who would provide evening serenades to downtown visitors in the late 1800's and early 1900's.  Isn’t he cute – Smile?

03-16-16 C Wickenberg (1)

It was a wonderful tour day and if you are in the area, I highly recommend the museum and a walking tour of the town.


On Saturday, we did some cleanup and visiting and on Sunday after some final “see you laters”,  we headed west towards the Colorado River.

The desert is getting greener and greener:

03-20-16 A Travel Congress to Earp 89-71-60-72 (6)

Cool advertisement in the middle of nowhere:

03-20-16 A Travel Congress to Earp 89-71-60-72 (35)a

I bet this barn could tell stories:

03-20-16 A Travel Congress to Earp 89-71-60-72 (37)

Rocks and more rocks:

03-20-16 A Travel Congress to Earp 89-71-60-72 (43)

Across the river into California:

03-20-16 A Travel Congress to Earp 89-71-60-72 (58)

We are staying at Emerald Cove, one of our membership parks.  I originally wanted to camp in the desert but since it is going to be in the 90’s and I am a wuss, we opted for a place with air conditioning.  Have no idea what is next so stay tuned.

Today’s stats:

Miles Traveled: 121 Miles

Routes Traveled:

Arizona:  SR-89; SR-71; US-60; SR-72; SR-95;

California:  SR-95; SR-62; Parker Dam Road

Enjoy today!



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