February 29 thru March 7, 2016 Friends and Rocks and Beads

Another great week in warm sunny Yuma…  (And I am updating another blog – YAHOO!)

This week’s highlights:

Rock and Gems..

Tuesday was the Yuma Gem and Mineral Club Meeting where we learned about Dendrochronology (how about that word!). It is the study of time using tree rings.  Mo, our geologist, taught us about the history of tree ring dating and how the time lines are built – very interesting.


On Friday we had our Rock Club Outing to Bouse, AZ.  We were mainly looking for red jasper and we found some nice pieces.

The site was a little south of Bouse and about one mile in on a dirt road.  We had a beautiful day for a ride:

03-04-16 B Bouse Area Rock Trip (7)

03-04-16 B Bouse Area Rock Trip (5)

03-04-16 B Bouse Area Rock Trip (12)

Once we parked, Mo showed us what to look for and we all scattered in different directions – Andy heading back to the car with some of our treasures.

03-04-16 A Rock Hunting in Bouse (4)a

Searching for treasures – notice how green the desert is becoming:

03-04-16 A Rock Hunting in Bouse (9)

03-04-16 A Rock Hunting in Bouse (6)

03-04-16 A Rock Hunting in Bouse (24)

Shrubs are flowering:

03-04-16 A Rock Hunting in Bouse (17)

And every so often a little flower peeks up between the rocks:

03-04-16 A Rock Hunting in Bouse (3)a

03-04-16 A Rock Hunting in Bouse (20)a

A brilliant red flower on a cactus:

03-04-16 A Rock Hunting in Bouse (13)

And a brilliant white flower:

03-04-16 A Rock Hunting in Bouse (36)

What a great time.  We met a few folks as we all sat down to lunch and shared our findings.

After soaking and cleaning, here are some of our treasures:

03-06-16 Rocks from Bouse (1)

Jasper and Quartz:

03-06-16 Rocks from Bouse (3)

Even found part of a desert rose:

03-06-16 Rocks from Bouse (4)a

For us, it is the last outing of the season – looking forward to learning and exploring more next season.

On Monday, I went to beading at our park and on Wednesday, I went to Bonita Mesa for beading – great to see everyone.  However, the project I had been working on, had to be ripped out a few times so now I am back to the drawing board again. 

On Saturday, I took a class with Judy at Jan’s Bead Addiction using Tila and Half-Tila Beads.  There are so many new shapes out there and I decided that I was not going to buy any of them without a pattern (did pretty good too).  I will post when I am finished..

On Saturday, we met up with Leonard and Carol and had a wonderful time visiting both at our place and theirs and in between – dinner at the Amvets.  We met them last season in Casa Grande and our paths have crossed a few times this season but this was the first time we were able to sit down and get caught up.  Always good to see them.

There are wind and dust warnings for today.  As I started this blog and looked to the west, I could see all white from the horizon to about 1/3 the way up.  That was the dust storm on its way.  Now it is here, lots of wind, lots of dust, oh my.   We have all the windows shut, AC and air cleaner on.  Interesting!

And those are our highlights – looking forward to another great week.

Until then, enjoy today!


Yep, I am ready!!! 

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