January 14 to January 23, 2016 Blythe, CA and Quartzsite, Arizona

(02/14/16 - I have been a little lax in updating so hopefully over the next few days, I can get caught up.)

On Thursday, January 14th, we packed up and headed west and north to Blythe.

Our travels took us thru desert scenery:

01-14-16 A Travel to Blythe CR-34 SR78 (6)

01-14-16 A Travel to Blythe CR-34 SR78 (17)

01-14-16 A Travel to Blythe CR-34 SR78 (33)

Into farm country:

01-14-16 A Travel to Blythe CR-34 SR78 (84)

It amazes me how it goes from desert beige to farm green in a few short miles:

01-14-16 A Travel to Blythe CR-34 SR78 (92)

Interesting houses:

01-14-16 A Travel to Blythe CR-34 SR78 (104)

We arrived in Blythe, met up with Bill and Shelly who were coming in from Casa Grande, then headed to the Colorado River Fairgrounds where we will be for the next four days.  We have never been to a bluegrass festival – a new adventure. Smile

Andy and Bill:

01-15-16 Blythe Bluegrass (1)

Shelly, me, and Bill:

01-15-16 Blythe Bluegrass (4)

The festival ran from Friday thru Sunday.  There were two stages set up and each day, four bands played at each stage.  Most bands played a few times throughout the three days so we did get to hear quite a few of them.  Our favorites were: The Gibson Brothers, Blue Canyon Boys, Vintage Martins, Band of Ruhks, and David Parmley & Cardinal Tradition.  The talent of these folks is just amazing!!  

This is the Colorado River Boys Stage:

01-15-16 Blythe Bluegrass (5)

This is the Bommer Stage:

01-15-16 Blythe Bluegrass (11)

Many folks set up chairs in both areas.  If the chairs are empty, anyone is welcome to sit in them until the owner shows up.  Very interesting!

It was great to see some old friends and meet new ones.

On Friday, Pam and Steve came in from Boomerville in Quartzsite – great to see them:

01-15-16 Blythe Bluegrass (7)

Sherrie and Jack came in on Saturday – didn’t get a picture – sorry – Sad smile.   Barb and Larry were there too but no picture again – bummer.

On Sunday afternoon, one band that was scheduled had to leave, so there was a jam session made up of members from several bands – what a treat.

Speaking of jam sessions, there were quite a few sessions on the grounds each evening.  It was wonderful.

Besides the music, there were vendors selling food, jewelry, clothing, etc. and on Saturday, a wonderful quilt show.

Would we go again? ABSOLUTELY!  There are a few festivals in this area of the country during the wintertime – we hope to check a few of them out also.  New Adventures – Smile

On Saturday, 16th, we went to Quartzsite to a celebration of life service for a friend who passed away this summer.  The service was very beautiful especially sending all the lanterns into the sky.  Ginny, we will miss you.

Stats for the 14th  - Yuma to Blythe:

Miles Traveled: 103 Miles

Routes Traveled:

Arizona: E County 17th; South Avenue 3E; I-8 Business; I-8

California: I-8; SR-S34; SR-78; W. Hobson Way; US-95; East Chanslor Way; Olive Lake Blvd

The Bluegrass Festival ended on the 17th so on the 18th, we packed up and made our way to Quartzsite (20 miles away).

Up and over the mountains:

01-18-16 A Travel to Quartzsite I8 (2) 

Into Quartzsite:

01-18-16 A Travel to Quartzsite I8 (19)

We made a stop behind Silly Al’s pizza to dump and fill with water and then made our way to Plomosa Road where we camped with Chapter 6 and 21 for the next few days.

It was so great to see everyone and spend some time getting caught up with each other.   That evening, Andy, me, Sue, Bruce, Geri, John, Jackie, and Bob, all went to Silly Al’s for dinner.  We have all not been together in a year and it was great just to get caught up and laugh and laugh. 

Two of the days, Sue, Geri and I went shopping – one of the days we went to all the bead stores and Tyson Wells.  Another day was spent at the QIA for their POW-WOW!  What fun.

At the POW-WOW, Geri and I bought geodes.

This is what there are like before opening:

01-22-16 Geodes (1)

This is what they are like when they are open – Beautiful!

01-22-16 Geodes (3)

Honestly, it is not that easy..  The vendor promised us hollow geodes for a reasonable price.  Andy and I went geode shopping one of the days and the vendor was VERY EXPENSIVE!!!  Yikees.  Now we just need to go find those rocks for ourselves!

Chapter 6/21 has their annual polar bear / soup here and it was wonderful.  Polar Bears are a drink with ice, vodka, Kailua, and ice cream – very rich.  The soup was hobo stew where we all donated 2 cans of vegetables.  It was great to see old friends and meet new ones – Smile

I always loved Quartzsite and every year I say that I would like to spend a few months here.  And I continue to say it!

The sunsets here always take my breath away.  The mountains in the east turn red:

01-19-16 Quartzsite (7)

And the sky to the west looks like it is on fire:

01-19-16 Quartzsite (14)

01-19-16 Quartzsite (32)

01-19-16 Quartzsite (35)

01-19-16 Quartzsite (43)

01-19-16 Quartzsite (64)

Even Bella found it interesting – not really, she was just looking for the night creatures:

01-19-16 Quartzsite (68)

One of the days we went to Boomerville to get caught up with friends.  Here we are at Gloria and Frank’s rig (thank you, Sharon for the photo):

L-R: Gloria, Frank, Nancy, Linda, me, Andy, Jim, Karen, and John:

01-21-16 Q Boomerville

We stayed thru Happy Hour to say hello to more folks.  I missed being out there but I don’t miss being sick from the dust…. 

The great think about being here this time of year is seeing the great folks that we have met along the way.  The downside is that we don’t get to spend some one on one time to get caught up.  Just one of those things…  (I guess I should say that I do better one on one then in a big crowd..Rolling on the floor laughing)

We headed out to Yuma on the 23rd but that will be the topic of the next blog.

Stats for January 18 -  Blythe to Quartzsite

Miles Traveled: 35 Miles

Routes Traveled:

California: Olive Lake Blvd; US-95; I-10;

Arizona: I-10; I-10 Business; SR-95; Plomosa Road

Enjoy today!


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