February 22-28, 2016 Casa Grande, Tucson, and Yuma

Time flies, doesn’t it!  And I continue to update weekly – YAHOO!

We had another great week:

On Monday, Andy did more packing in the shed.  We expect to bring most of our “stuff” to our lot in Yuma.  I went to crafts and had a great time chatting with the ladies.

On Tuesday we were up early and on our way to the VA in Tucson for Andy’s appointment.  The appointment went well and we will be back in early April.  Bruce and Sue were also there and we had a nice time getting caught up and it continued thru lunch.  I have to say that with all the bad press about the VA, we have always had wonderful service at the Tucson VA – what an impressive place.

Wednesday was spent doing the final packing, deciding what we are taking to Yuma and what we are taking back east.  After lunch, we said our goodbyes to so many good people that we will not see the rest of the season.  Sad smile.    We finished the day having dinner and drinks with Jan and Ken (we hope to see them when we return in April.) We are so blessed to have these folks in our lives – always puts a smile in my soul when I see them.

Thursday we headed west to Yuma.  The desert is really green:

02-25-16 A Travel to Yuma I-8 (2)

Miles Traveled: 196 Miles

Routes Traveled:

Arizona:  South Montgomery Road, Florence Avenue (first east, got gas, then west), SR-84; I-8; SR-195; East County 14th Street; South Avenue 4E; East County 17th Street

We arrived at our lot in Yuma and started the unpacking.  After lunch I did a quick trip to Walmart and a stop at Jan’s Bead Addiction to sign up for a class on Saturday.  We finished the afternoon at a Happy Hour at Cal and Kitty's – what a wonderful time!

Friday thru Sunday, Andy was been busy organizing the shed and motorhome bays while fighting another cold – Sad smile.  Friday and Sunday for me was the usual cleaning, laundry, etc..

On Saturday, I had a great class with Judy at Jan’s Bead Addiction.  She is so talented and a great teacher.  It was great to finally master a stitch that I have just had a hard time teaching myself!

This afternoon as Andy and I sat out enjoying the beautiful weather, we had two visitors:

02-28-16 Yuma (8)a

02-28-16 Yuma (9)a

Can’t believe they came so close to us.

The cats just sat at the screen door and watched.  Amazing.

Dusty has also been enjoying the nice weather:

02-28-16 Yuma (16)a

Bella is just too afraid of being outdoors so I don’t stress her – she just watches over Dusty- Smile.

So that is our week when we are not really traveling and sightseeing.  Last year at this time, we were traveling in Texas:

02-15-15 D Marfa to Fort Davix TX118 (22)

02-15-15 D Marfa to Fort Davix TX118 (31)

Looking forward to exploring new places again.

Until next week, enjoy today.



Jan Mains said...

Sorry we missed you again.

Diane said...

We will be back in April - :-)