November 20, 2015 thru December 6, 2015 Our Time in Casa Grande

First let me apologize to my blog readers for not updating sooner.  I was a little lazy and then Microsoft decided to stop supporting Live Writer – which is the software I use to update.  So for a few weeks I had no clue how I was going to do my blog.  When I first started in 2007 (before Live Writer), it was a little difficult to do a blog.  I use to get everything ready, then when I had good internet, I would upload the pictures and copy the verbage from Word.  I have to say that I did not want to go back to that.

Enter “Open Live Writer”- an open source software program started by a number of volunteers from Microsoft.  YAHOO… I will continue to blog my travels.  There are a few extra steps I need to do for now but I am sure they will be fixed in the future.

To those who blog – it seems like they are upgrading the software weekly as items are added and bugs fixed so download the latest version or check often to make sure you have the latest.

Okay on to what we did during our time at Casa Grande.

First and the best was getting caught up with friends and family we haven’t seen in many months.  What a joy – we are so blessed.  But can you believe I did not take any pictures… Sad smile  Sorry!
Andy had his doctor’s appointments at the VA – all is good.  The kitties had their appointment at their vet – all is good too.

But I do have pictures from around the area. 
A familiar sight were these bales of cotton ready to go to the gin:
11-27-15 A Casa Grande (9)
I just love the sheep!  This flock had many, many very small babies:
12-04-15 A Casa Grande (1)
One of the days coming back from town, I stopped on the side of the road, got out, and walked to the field of sheep.  Between the car and the field was a few more feet of paved road, then about  10 feet of grass, then a dirt road that ran along the fence line.  As soon as I stepped on that dirt road, the two dogs went to work.  The first one came at me:
12-04-15 A Casa Grande (3)
The second one herded the sheep to the center of the field then joined his partner:
12-04-15 A Casa Grande (6)
Even though it looks like they were kissing, I think they were just talking to each other:
12-04-15 A Casa Grande (7)
When I saw the first dog, I moved closer to the car.  After the “kiss”, the first dog sat down and watched me:
12-04-15 A Casa Grande (17)
The other one moved into the field and also watched me:
12-04-15 A Casa Grande (16)
I left and then came back a few hours later and DID NOT get out of the car.  It was amazing to watch those dogs in action.
These pictures are from the car:
12-04-15 A Casa Grande (19)
12-04-15 A Casa Grande (21)
12-04-15 A Casa Grande (27)
The babies are just the cutest, aren’t they!
12-04-15 A Casa Grande (34)
12-04-15 A Casa Grande (34)a
12-04-15 A Casa Grande (39)
12-04-15 A Casa Grande (45)
12-04-15 A Casa Grande (47)
One of the days, Andy was in our back yard and noticed movement at the back wall…. Check out who was building a nest!
12-04-15 A Casa Grande (67)
We did have one problem – had to replace the radiator in our Tracker.  It blew while I was on my way to the Vets – Yikees.  So I used our Good Sam Road Service to get towed.  The poor kitties were so frightened – Thank you Pam for coming to rescue me and the kitties!   It was an experience that I do not want to repeat.
On December 7th, we traveled to our lot in Yuma and that will be my next blog.
Until then, enjoy today.