January 22 to January 30, 2015 Yuma

(Note: Updated on 2/6/15 – trying to get caught up.)

On Thursday, January 22nd, we headed south to Yuma to the KOFA KO-OP, where we are now proud owners of a lot.

Here it is:

01-20-15 Yuma

We found out that the lot owners have not been here in five years so many of the plants were not cleaned up and pruned. We spent some time taking out plants that were over grown – especially around the shed and water area.  We also cleaned up around the other cacti – where I found out that I need leather gloves – Ouch! (I needed tweezers to dig out the little thingies that got me!).  Andy cleaned out the shed – actually hosed it down inside because of the thick layer of dust.  It dried up real nice too.

Here is our lot all cleaned up: 

01-30-15 Yuma (2)

We would love to get a lot along the back wall either next to the storage area or the dog run area.  If we do not, then sometime next season, our plans are to take out the date/palm tree, move the RV over, pour new concrete, get a new/larger shed, and put in a back privacy wall.  One of the neighbors down from us, has a great shed and a nice wall so we did get some prices.  We’ll see next season..Smile

In between working on the lot and getting to know the park, we did take some breaks.

On Saturday, 24th, we met Jan and Ken at the new Yuma Elks for prime rib – Yummy.  They were with us in Quartzsite but this will be the last time we would see them until next season.  It was a great time and a sad “See you late.”

On Monday, 26th, we woke to a very rainy day – no outside work.  So we decided to go the movies to see “American Sniper.”  Very emotional and I highly recommend it!

On Wednesday, 28th, I went to Bonita Mesa to meet up with the Yuma Triangle and meet other Yuma beaders. They are so talented and creative and their work is AWESOME.  They get together quite often so it was nice to met some of the ladies and hope to see them next season.

On Thursday, 29th, the Yuma Triangle (or North Ranch West Beaders) met for lunch downtown.  What a great time we had and will miss these ladies since I am not going to Bead Week.  Hope to see them next season.

From left to right: Me, Nora, Della, Sandy, Sammie, Boni, Phyllis:

01-29-15 Yuma (3)

On Friday afternoon, 29th, we met Pam and Ross at the DAV for their meat draw.  Pam and I just love these draws and I could see us going to many next season – Smile.   We were with them in Quartzsite and great to see them again.

So with our lot summerized, we left on Saturday for Casa Grande.  There are many folks that we missed this year in Yuma and we apologize.  Travel safe and hope to see you next season when we will be spending a good part of the winter here.

Next blog is about Casa Grande so stay tuned and enjoy today.

Stats for the the 22nd: Quartzsite to Yuma

Miles Traveled: 95 Miles

Routes Traveled:

Arizona: Plomosa Road; US-95; Araby Road; US-195; E County 14th; 4th Avenue; E County 17th


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