January 14 to January 21, 2015 Quartzsite

(Note: Updated on 2/6/15 – trying to get caught up.)

On Wednesday, 14th, we made our way north to Quartzsite in beautiful sunny weather.  We arrived on Plomosa Road to stay with Chapter 6/21 of Escapees.  In 2009 we made our first trip to Quartzsite and Chapter 6 adopted us.  It was so great to see old friends and get to know some new friends.  We had a blast.

Some of our highlights:

Every year at Quartzsite, the Escapees Organization has two social hours for the SKPS in the area.  Susan and I went on Wednesday afternoon.  It was great to see some folks that we have met in our travels.  But I did miss others when our paths just missed each other.  Sad smile

We spent many of the days shopping at the bead stores, Tyson Wells Marketplace, the Big Tent RV Show and many of the other flea markets.  And we kept most of our money – LOL!

On Thursday, I had lunch at Silly Al’s with some of my beading buddies and we ended up spending a few hours just getting caught up with each other – Wonderful!

From left to right: Cathy, me, Susan, Lois, Karen.

01-15-15 (2)a

Later that day, Chapter 6/21 met for supper at Silly Al’s (yes, Susan and I ended up spending the afternoon there Smile):

01-15-15 (5)a

On Monday, 19th, Andy did two turkey’s over the fire and we had a wonderful potluck when they were done – Yum!:

01-21-15 Quartzsite (2)

On Tuesday, 20th, a group of us headed up to the ghost town of Swansea.  Here we are in Bouse checking over the directions:

01-20-15 Swansea Road Trip (0)

Andy and I have been here a few times and in March 2013, we took a tour of the town with a ranger.  Here is link to that tour:


Tuesday’s pictures:

01-20-15 Swansea Road Trip (5)

01-20-15 Swansea Road Trip (13)

01-20-15 Swansea Road Trip (16)

The pictures do not do it justice – love this part of the desert.

On Wednesday, 21st, we had a polar bear party – Yum!!! (I don’t have any pictures – sorry!)

Every night here found us around the campfire, laughing and laughing some more – what a great time!

We have been asked why we did not go to Boomerville this time.  Well, to quell any rumors – here is why:   I have severe allergies and the last three years we stayed there, by day 2, I was on heavy allergy meds.  Ten days later – still on the meds, I was really in la-la land (those who have allergies would understand). Usually we went to Yuma afterwards and I would be sick for a week.  (Note:  Getting to and from Boomerville is VERY DUSTY.) 

This year, we were right off the paved road and on rock.  And I did not need any medication at all.  So although I missed my Boomer Buds, I can’t camp back there and stay well.  If we go to Quartzsite next year, we will take a drive back to Boomerville and see everyone.

On Thursday, 22nd, we headed to Yuma to be on our new lot – the subject of the next blog.

Stay tuned and enjoy today!

Stats for the 14th: Yuma to Quartzsite

Miles Traveled: 89 Miles

Routes Traveled:

Arizona: Avenue 8 1/2 E; E County 6th Street; Laguna Dam Road; US-95; Plomosa Road


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