February 24–25, 2015 Cold in Louisiana

We did not leave the motorhome at all during the past few days.  It was windy, rainy, cold – highs were around 43 degrees and lows in the 30’s so we just put on the heat and stayed warm.  So what did we do for two days?  Well, watched the barges and the birds and TV series, read, and I did some beading, well, actually finished up some necklaces and bracelets (Katy and Sue, you would be proud of me – Smile)

This is what our Bella did for two days – watched the barges and the birds:

02-24-15 Hackberry (6)

This white pusher tug was there were we got here.  On Tuesday afternoon, it started up and away he went down the channel leaving the barges tied up to the island.  Very interesting.

02-24-15 Hackberry (19)

So what did Dusty do?  He did not leave my side or my lap.  We don’t usually hang out and sit like this so I think he was just enjoying it..  (That’s my story and I am sticking to it.)

We have really enjoyed this park and will mark this as a stop when we come this way again.  Tomorrow we continue our journey east so stay tuned and enjoy today.


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