November 21–30, 2014 Casa Grande

Friday morning we were up early and on our way to our lot in Casa Grande.

Up and over the mountains:

11-21-14 A Travel Yuma to Casa Grande I-8 (1)

11-21-14 A Travel Yuma to Casa Grande I-8 (13)

Into the valley:

11-21-14 A Travel Yuma to Casa Grande I-8 (22)

And desert:

11-21-14 A Travel Yuma to Casa Grande I-8 (26)

Back to where there are LOTS of saguaros:

11-21-14 A Travel Yuma to Casa Grande I-8 (32)

We made a stop for fuel (WOW!, is it getting lower, makes my Andy happy).  Then into the park where we filled with propane.

Over the past week, we have been getting caught up with friends, doing a little beading, cleaning out the sheds, doing some chores that needed to be done, and just having a grand time.  Did I say we were blessed – Smile.

The kitties have been enjoying watching the birds and bugs and sleeping, of course.

11-25-14 Casa Grande (5)

11-25-14 Casa Grande (6)

11-28-14 Casa Grande (1)

11-29-14 Casa Grande (4)

Thanksgiving was here at the clubhouse and Jan and Ken came up from Arizona City to join us.  The park supplied the turkey and gravy and everyone else supplied the rest of the food – It was yummy and we all had a good time.

The latest upgrade was the bathroom.  Andy installed a new fan and I added a new shower curtain.

11-29-14 Casa Grande (7)

We also removed the center back area of the theater seating and Andy added an outlet.  I am looking for a lamp to put behind the seats – checking the thrift shops first – Smile.

We will be here for the next few weeks so stay tuned and enjoy today.

Stats for the 21st:

Miles Traveled: 185 Miles

Routes Traveled:

Arizona: E. County 17th Street; South Avenue 4E; E County 14th; SR-195; I-8; Thornton Road; SR-84; Montgomery Road




Little Toot 2 said...

Love your cats, will have to come by and visit them soon.

Diane said...

Absolutely, we will be here until Monday and then back on 1/6.