October 22 - 23, 2014 Our time at Emerald Cove

Wednesday, October 22nd

This morning was a slow morning for us.  Eventually we took a walk around the park.  The Colorado River:

10-22-14 A Emerald Cove Earp (3)

10-22-14 A Emerald Cove Earp (5)

10-22-14 A Emerald Cove Earp (14)

Our site:

10-22-14 A Emerald Cove Earp (15)

10-22-14 A Emerald Cove Earp (19)

When we are in the Yuma Lakes park, we usually have “Roberts” wash our rig.  Well we found out that “Roberts” is now operating here.  So this afternoon, we had our rig pressure washed and the roof treated.  It looks beautiful.

Thursday, October 23rd

Today was road trip day so we packed a lunch and away we went.  Our plans were to go to Bouse, then Quartzsite, then back home.  We wanted to check out some BLM land south of Bouse.  Every January, we come to Quartzsite and camp out with the Boomers.  It is very dusty out there and the last two years, I got sick from all that dust.  So if and when we go this year, we will probably stay in a different area – and that was our mission today – to identify other areas.

Our first stop was the Bouse Community Park to check on their camping, dump station, and water availability.  It is a nice park:

10-23-14 A Bouse-Quartzsite Area (4)

As we were sitting there, our Tracker sputtered and quit!  Yikees, now what.  Andy checked a few things and couldn’t find anything wrong.  So we called Good Sam Road Service and they were going to send some one to tow us to Quartzsite.  As we were waiting, Andy started the car again and it ran!  Now what?   We decided to head back to Parker.  I called Good Sam to cancel, then the tow service who also gave us the name of a mechanic in Parker.   Then we decided to do some troubleshooting with the help of the internet.  All symptoms pointed to a bad cam position sensor.

First stop was the AutoZone.  They stock this part because it tends to fail in the Tracker.  (I guess we were blessed because our Tracker is a 2001 and it just started to fail!).  Anyway, back home, Andy changed the part, we had lunch, and then off we went again.  Smile

Wavy roads south of Bouse:

10-23-14 A Bouse-Quartzsite Area (6)

We are back in the desert – isn’t it beautiful:

10-23-14 A Bouse-Quartzsite Area (7)

10-23-14 A Bouse-Quartzsite Area (11)

Greenery – WOW!:

10-23-14 A Bouse-Quartzsite Area (19)

We checked out a few sites.  My preference is out on Plomosa Road between MM2 and MM3.  We’ll see!

Quartzsite is still very empty.  We made a stop at the Gambler – he just opened and was cleaning out the store.  It is amazing to be here this early in the season.

Back home after supper we had visitors:

10-23-14 B Emerald Cove (39)

The cats were fascinated:

10-23-14 B Emerald Cove (20)

Especially Bella:

10-23-14 B Emerald Cove (34)b

10-23-14 B Emerald Cove (35)e a

After a while, they headed on down the road:

10-23-14 B Emerald Cove (34)h

10-23-14 B Emerald Cove (57)

What a nice treat!

Tomorrow we are headed south to Yuma, where we expect to be for a month. 

Stay tuned and enjoy today.


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